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Business Administration - Associate in Applied Science Degree

Program Requirements:

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General College Admission
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If the world of business is your kind of challenge, HGTC's Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Business Administration degree will prepare you for a career as a prospective member of management in a wide variety of industries. With extensive training in all facets of organizational behavior, management, marketing, and accounting/finance, AAS Business Administration graduates are qualified for most entry-level positions in business, such as assistant manager, sales representative, marketing analyst, etc.

The Business Administration degree program offers pathway options which prepares you for employment in business administration, esthetics, hospitality, human resources, management, marketing, massage therapy and sports tourism and recreation management. Each of the specific pathway options offer a variety of specialty classes related directly to the pathway that will help prepare you for a career within its related industry.

Students in the AAS Business Administration program are required to participate in supervised cooperative work experience internship to provide them a hands-on job experience in their field of study.

The AAS Business Administration degree can be completed via face-to-face, hybrid (50% face-to-face/50% online), and 100% online options. To offer the highest degree of flexibility to our students, the AAS Business Administration degree is available 100% online from the comfort of your own home.

For more information, contact:
Theresa Strong - (843) 349-7559

Business Administration graduates find that they are highly-sought employees, with skills that qualify them to be manager trainees, junior accountants, or sales representatives. Employment opportunities can be found in the following fields:

  • Public relations
  • Banking
  • Education, legal and medical offices
  • Construction companies
  • Investment firms
  • Retailers
  • Real estate companies
  • Government agencies

For more information about careers, visit O*Net Online for an overview of South Carolina and National earnings statistics, and Career Services for more employment, career, and professional development resources.

Employment Opportunities

  • Brittain Resorts
  • Carolina Opry
  • City of Myrtle Beach
  • Horry County Government
  • Santee Cooper
  • Grand Strand Water and Sewer Authority
  • HTC
  • Margaritaville Restaurant
  • Tanger Outlets

Mission/Purpose Statement:

The Associate in Applied Science Business Administration Degree provides knowledge, skills, and abilities to prepare students for successful entry into business related careers.


  • Students will be competent in basic business functions
  • Students will communicate effectively
  • Students will use critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • The program promotes professional behaviors and lifelong learning
  • The program will effectively meet the needs of the community for entry level office/management positions or prepare students for further education at senior-level institutions

Career Pathways

Previous education and work experience could qualify for Credit for Prior Learning, saving you time and money.

Business Administration Pathways

  • Esthetics
  • Hospitality
  • Human Resources
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Massage Therapy
  • Sports Tourism
Go to the University Transfer page for more information.

Curriculum Sequence

General Education Core    Course Title
Semester Credit Hours
ENG 155   Communications I** 3
ENG 160   Technical Communications** 3
MAT 101   Beginning Algebra** 3
    Humanities*/** 3
ECO 210 Macroeconomics or
ECO 211 Microeconomics
    TOTAL 15
Business Administration Required Core  
ACC 101   Accounting Principles I 3
ACC 102   Accounting Principles II 3
BUS 101   Introduction to Business 3
BUS 121   Business Law I 3
MGT 101   Principles of Management 3
MKT 101   Marketing 3
BUS 270   SCWE in Business "Internship" 3
    TOTAL 21
Additional Business Administration Courses
Select 27 credit hours from the following list of courses.
Students wishing to take Esthetics or Massage Therapy should see those specific pathways for course requirements.
Business Administration Hospitality Human Resources Management Marketing Sports Tourism
BAF 101 BUS 130 BUS 135 BAF 101 BUS 130 BUS 130
BAF 260 HOS 140 BUS 136 BAF 260 BUS 180 BUS 220
BUS 130 HOS 150 BUS 190 BUS 130 MKT 110 MGT 150
BUS 180 HOS 161 BUS 220 ECO 201 MKT 111 MGT 240
BUS 190 HOS 164 MGT 150 MGT 120 MKT 120 MKT 135
BUS 210 HOS 255 MGT 201 MGT 150 MKT 135 SPT 101
BUS 220 MGT 150 MGT 210 MGT 201 MKT 240 SPT 105
MGT 120 MKT 120 MGT 240 MGT 240 MKT 250 SPT 107
MGT 150 MKT 135 MKT 135 MKT 260 MKT 260 SPT 108
    TOTAL 27

*Humanities: Choose from ART 101, HIS 101, HIS 201, MUS 105, PHI 101, or REL 103.

**For transfer to senior institutions, students should select the following transfer courses: ENG 101, ENG 102 and SPC 205 for ENG 155 and ENG 160; MAT 110 or 120 for MAT 101 and, HIS 201 for Humanities to satisfy Reach Act requirement.