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EPIC LogoHGTC is committed to making resources available to students related to Effective Professional and Interpersonal Communications (EPIC).  This online lab will offer resources, support and contact information to assist students with realizing and achieving their EPIC goals.

Contact Information:

QEP/EPIC Director: Lori Heafner

EPIC Video:  

Please watch the video below to learn more about HGTC’s EPIC program.

EPIC Details:

Effective Professional and Interpersonal Communication (EPIC)

Based upon campus and employer feedback gathered through institutional research, HGTC discovered the need to enhance coaching methods for students on how to become better communicators in their academic and career settings. The 2019 QEP initiative focuses on helping students to gain more effective professional and interpersonal communication skills that they will utilize during exchanges in career and education environments. The college adopted EPIC as the acronym and marketing brand for HGTC’s new quality enhancement plan.

HGTC understands that solid communication skills are a critical component of success in academic and non-academic settings. Institutional research results identified perceived challenges students encounter in the area of communication which presented an opportunity for the college to develop an EPIC plan to improve these skills. The plan involves creating collaborations across college divisions that focus on communications concepts to optimize student success in this pertinent soft skill area.

The goals of the EPIC Quality Enhancement Plan focus on improving students’ Effective Professional and Interpersonal Communication skills in career and education environments to help students:

  • Improve success in communication proficiency
  • Enhance understanding of professional and interpersonal communication best practices
  • Increase engagement in professional and interpersonal communication interactions

Without question! The EPIC plan will enable students to improve their oral and written communication skills to express themselves effectively within their chosen career and educational environments

Ultimately, students will elevate their ability to speak and write clear and meaningful messages in professional and interpersonal settings, while in school and as they prepare for their workforce transition. They will be able to understand the use of proper etiquette and professional techniques for connecting with people during business and educational exchanges.

The EPIC plan will support success in professional and interpersonal communication as students:

  • Utilize appropriate communication formats when conveying professional and interpersonal thoughts and ideas
  • Apply appropriate language when speaking and writing for their chosen field of study or industry
  • Demonstrate appropriate communication techniques when engaging audiences

EPIC Resources:

We are in the process of building a repository of resources for students to support the EPIC program.  In collaboration with the EPIC team and faculty, resources will be added as identified or created. Check back soon for the most updated EPIC resources available.