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Residency Requirements

Horry-Georgetown Technical College

Residency Classification

A student's residency classification for tuition purposes is determined by the Admissions staff at the time an admission application is submitted in accordance with South Carolina Code of Laws #59-112-100 to #59-112-150, the Commission on Higher Education Regulations Chapter 62, and College policies and procedures.

Please reference the HGTC Residency Flow Chart determination guide.

Residency Application Deadline

For priority review and consideration of residency reclassification, submit your application by April 30th, 2024. Applications submitted by this date will be processed and reviewed by the non-payment purge date. Applications submitted by the final summer deadline of May 24th, 2024, could be processed after the non-payment purge date, resulting in delays, and awarding of financial aid funding.

Priority Summer Deadline – April 30th, 2024

Summer Final Deadline – May 24th, 2024

Financial Aid will not be awarded until your residency classification has been determined.

If your Residency Classification has been evaluated as Unknown due to providing incomplete residency information, complete one of the following Residency Information forms:

Dependent Residency Final Review Form if:

  • Student is claimed as a dependent on another person’s tax returns
  • Parent, guardian, or spouse provides more than 50% of student’s financial support (including tuition and housing)

Independent Residency Final Review Form if:

  • Student provides more than 51% of own financial support
  • Student claimed himself/herself or filed jointly on previous year’s tax return

* If the employment status on the form is marked “unemployed,” complete the Financial Support Information Form to avoid receiving a hold on your account for additional information.

Students under 24 years of age are presumed to be dependent. If you are under 24 and believe you should be considered as an Independent Applicant, complete the “Application for Review of Residency Classification – Independent” located in the steps below. All requirements on the Residency Checklist must be met to qualify as an Independent Applicant.

Contact residency@hgtc.edu or 843-349-7120 for any questions.

Military Residency Application if:

  • Student or parent/spouse/guardian is an active military member stationed in South Carolina.
  • Student or parent/spouse/guardian discharged from the military and eligible for qualified benefits.

* If you are using Chapter 30 or 33 benefits to pay for your tuition, please contact our Veterans Affairs Coordinator, Windi Burgess, at windi.burgess@hgtc.edu or 843-349-7549.

* All active military members or veterans are always encouraged to contact the Residency Coordinator at residency@hgtc.edu or 843-349-7120 for assistance with the residency classification process.

To Apply for a Change in Residency Classification:

  • Step 1: Review the Independent Residency Checklist or the Dependent Residency Checklist and See frequently asked questions about residency

    Review the Residency checklist to determine if you are eligible for consideration. If you cannot provide all of the documents needed for a particular residency classification, you cannot be considered for a change in residency status. Also, the documents you produce for residency classification may be selected for review by State authorities, so please retain copies of all documents.

  • Step 2: Complete the Dependent Residency Application or Independent Residency Application

    Submitting a Residency Review Application does not guarantee that a change in residency status will be made. Also, all deadlines for submission of applications must be met for any change to be considered for the current semester.

    State law is the guiding regulation used to determine a student's residency classification, not individual opinion or extenuating circumstances. That allows residency decisions to be consistent and equitable for all students. In short, it is possible to live in South Carolina--even in Horry or Georgetown County--and not qualify for in-area or in-state tuition. There are specific requirements under the law.

    (Note: Appeals of residency decisions may be made to the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Development.)