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The Bridge Program

The HGTC/CCU Bridge Program

The Bridge ProgramBridge Program

The Bridge Program between HGTC/CCU is a comprehensive, rigorous, residential program that provides an opportunity for students to improve their academic skills and meet the admissions requirements of Coastal Carolina University.

The program provides support to students transitioning from high school to college placing a primary emphasis on a engaging learning environment where students are surrounded by an active community of teacher-scholars and peers.

Bridge Program participants who earn at least 21 university transfer credit hours and a minimum 2.25 GPA by the end of the Spring semester, will be guaranteed admission to CCU for the following Fall semester.  

Become a Chanticleer with the HGTC/CCU Bridge Program! 

Why was I selected for the Bridge Program?

You were selected for the Bridge Program because you did not meet the CCU admissions requirements based on your sat/act test scores and/or academic performance while in high school, but you demonstrate potential for success with academic support services and skill-building classes. We hope you will use this opportunity to get one step closer to becoming a chanticleer.

Are students required to live in campus housing in order to participate in the Bridge Program?

Yes. Unless you are living with a parent/legal guardian within 50 miles of CCU and that is the address on file with the office of admissions, you are required to live on campus. There are many benefits to living on campus: you are closer to the action, getting to classes is easy, meals are prepared for you and the library is open 24/7.

What are the advantages of the Bridge Program?

The advantages of being in the Bridge Program include a quality academic start at a cost savings, and use of HGTC and CCU facilities, including the HTC student recreation center, student support services and student health services. Attending athletic and cultural events, and joining a club are also part of taking that step toward being a chanticleer.

How do I know which courses to take?

Your first semester schedule will be pre-built for you based on your SAT/ACT test scores. If you have taken courses and received college credit, please have the college that awarded the credit send official transcripts to CCU and HGTC. In addition, if you have taken AP courses, please have your scores sent from the college board to CCU and HGTC. Your schedule will be created based on the information you provide through your transcripts, courses required as prerequisites to university transfer courses and university transfer courses that are part of Coastal Carolina University's core curriculum. Each student's schedule will vary based on that individual student’s record.

How do I get textbooks/workbooks/materials?

You are responsible for buying your books and materials. Most students do not receive enough financial aid to cover the costs of books and materials. The cost each semester could be $200 or more, depending on the number and type of courses you are taking. Textbooks can be purchased or rented at the HGTC bookstore or through online vendors.

Can I participate in the marching band and/or ROTC?

Please contact Joey Tollison once you have auditioned and been accepted to participate in the marching band. For more information regarding the marching band. If you are interested in ROTC, contact the ROTC office on the CCU campus prior to enrolling. 

What if I don’t earn 21 transferable semester hours with a 2.25 grade point average in my first year at HGTC?

You will then have the option of continuing your enrollment at HGTC or another institution and can reapply to CCU when you have met the transfer admissions requirements. If you remain a student at HGTC or enroll at another institution, please note that you will no longer be eligible for CCU university housing and campus privileges.

What are "transferable credits"?

Credit hours are assigned to every college course. Some credit hours do not apply to graduation requirements, and some do not transfer to other institutions. For example, credits that are developmental do not apply toward graduation and do not transfer. However, these courses are required to develop skills and must often be taken before other courses. Your SAT/ACT scores will determine which english or math courses you are required to take.

How can I  help ensure that my financial aid is processed smoothly?

Submit your Bridge Program application to HGTC and add HGTC to your FAFSA to determine your award eligibility as soon as possible. Be sure to read your emails and check your account status through myHGTC to ensure your financial aid has been credited to your account.

Are the academic calendars of each institution different?

Yes. Students should follow the HGTC academic calendar.

When will I be able to select my room?

You will be able to select your room at mycoastalhome in mid-June. The timeline for room selection is available at university housing

Why can’t I participate in NCAA sports, Club Sports, or Greek life?

In order to participate in NCAA Division I sports, Club Sports, or Greek organizations, you must meet certain academic criteria as well as university admission standards and be enrolled in coursework at CCU. HGTC, like most community/technical colleges, does not sponsor NCAA teams, Club Sports, or Greek organizations. When you establish academic eligibility and qualify for admission to the university, you may be eligible to participate in NCAA athletics and/or a Greek organization.

How can I find out what’s going on?

Check HGTC's and CCU's student webmail regularly, preferably every day. You will see announcements, calendars, notices of activities and deadlines. You can also check your account balances, schedule, courses completed and more. myHGTC is the communication portal for HGTC and myCCU is the communications portal for CCU. There are many ways to see what is going on, from postings in your residence hall, email, the CCU mobile app and coastal connections.

If I need help, where do I go?

As a Bridge Program student, you can benefit from services offered by both institutions. The following individuals are available to assist you: resident assistants and bridge peer guides in your living area, your HGTC academic adviser in building 1100, tutors in HGTC's Student Success and Tutoring Center (SSTC) and CCU's learning assistance centers, and the assistant provost. You can also get help with your computer and technology difficulties through HGTC's help desk, HGTC's Student information center: TECH Central, or CCU's student computing services. Both institutions are dedicated to your success.

What about summer school?

You may attend summer classes at HGTC or another technical/community college. However, the Bridge Program does not extend to the summer.

Do my parents have access to my college information? 

According to federal legislation called Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the right to review and/or amend education records transfers from parents to the student at age 18 or enrollment in postsecondary education. You, the student, are the only one (aside from authorized college officials) who has the right to view your records and information or authorize others to view your information. If you want to allow your parents or other parties to have access to your HGTC information, complete the FERPA waiver form in the Registrar's office on the HGTC Conway Campus.

Can I visit/tour both Horry-Georgetown Technical College and Coastal Carolina University?

CCU offers tours every weekday except holidays at 9:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.

HGTC offers tours every Tuesday and Thursday at 2 p.m. 

How can I get more information?

If you have additional questions about the Bridge Program or need more information, contact Joey Tollison, Bridge Program Coordinator, at 843-349-3633.

Is there a Bridge Program Orientation?

Yes. You will participate in a mandatory Bridge Program Orientation at both Horry-Georgetown Technical College and Coastal Carolina University in August. You do not need to register for the Bridge Program Orientation or any other orientation session at either institution, all bridge students will be automatically registered for these important sessions.

1. Have your high school send an official transcript and your SAT/ACT test scores to HGTC.

If you have taken AP courses, you will also need to request that your AP test scores be sent by the College Board to Horry-Georgetown Technical College.

If you have taken college-level courses during high school, you will need to contact the college that awarded the credits and have them send an official transcript also.

If your SAT/ACT test scores are not on your high school transcript, you will need to have the College Board send them to HGTC. Your guidance counselor can help you with this.

2. Add HGTC to your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

If you haven’t done so, add HGTC's code, 004925, to the schools receiving your FAFSA.
If you do not have HGTC on your FAFSA, HGTC will not be able to award you financial aid while you are attending Horry-Georgetown Technical College in the Bridge Program.

3. Begin checking myHGTC daily for financial aid information, course schedule and other important information.

4. After graduation, have your high school send an official final transcript showing graduation date to both HGTC and CCU.

5. Submit your immunization records.

6. Review and submit all housing information.

All Bridge Program students living more than 50 miles from CCU are required to live on campus.
If you are living with a parent/legal guardian within 50 miles of CCU and this is the address on file with the Office of Admissions, you are not required to live on campus.

To apply for housing, you must submit the online housing application and the $150 housing application/housing fee prepayment. This application fee is nonrefundable. You can find the housing application through your WebAdvisor account.

7. Pay tuition or set up payment plan.

Payments can be made at HGTC via myHGTC or in person at the Office of Student Accounts. You must have your HGTC username, password and H- number. Login to myHGTC, go to the Manage My Student Account card, click Login to My Account, scroll down to bottom and choose either Enroll in Payment Plan or Make Payment. Contact the HGTC Helpdesk helpdesk@hgtc.edu or 843-349-TECH (8324) for user assistance.

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