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Pre-Medicine Pathway

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The Associate in Science (AS) degree pathway is designed to prepare students for transfer to four-year institutions by providing a solid educational foundation through general education credits and elective courses. Earning an Associate in Science degree at HGTC enables students to easily transfer to senior institutions within South Carolina.

Below is a listing of recommended courses which lay the best foundation for transferring to a four-year institution and earning a bachelor's degree in Pre-Med or related program. 

For a full list of Associate in Science degree requirements, please refer to the HGTC College Catalog.

If you are interested in the Pre-Medicine pathway please consult your academic advisor for assistance.

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Recommended Curriculum Sequence

First Semester  Course Title Semester
Credit Hours
BIO 101 Biological Science I 4
CHM 110 College Chemistry I 4
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
MAT 110 College Algebra 3
  TOTAL 14
Second Semester     
BIO 102 Biological Science II 4
CHM 111 College Chemistry II 4
ENG 102 English Composition II 3
SPC 205 Public Speaking 3
Soc/Behavioral Science Elective   3
  TOTAL 17
Third Semester     
BIO 210**** Anatomy & Physiology I 4
MAT 120 Probability & Statistics 3
Humanities/Fine Arts Elective   3
Soc/Behavioral Science Elective   3
Other Elective   3
  TOTAL 16
Fourth Semester - Fall    
BIO 211 Anatomy & Physiology II 4
BIO 225 Microbiology 4
Humanities/Fine Arts Elective   3
  TOTAL 14



****BIO 210 grades are used as an admission requirement to multiple health care related programs, therefore students are strongly encouraged to complete a college level lab science or high school biology course prior to enrolling in BIO 210.