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How to Enroll in PACE

Horry-Georgetown Technical College

How to Enroll in the PACE Program

The PACE/Dual Enrollment Application Process

  1. Obtain a PACE Dual Enrollment Application Packet from your Guidance Counselor.

    If you do not have a guidance counselor, contact:
    Dual Enrollment Director
    Hope.Wofford@hgtc.edu or 843-477-2097

  2. Access the PACE Online Application
    * Do NOT navigate away from this page until you create an account.

    It is recommended to have your parent/guardian present when you complete your application due to the information required. It is important you complete all information especially residency questions to ensure quick processing of your application.

  3. Once you have submitted your online application, please submit your test scores and the remainder of this packet to your Guidance Counselor for approval and course selections (see course info below).
  4. Once all items are returned in your PACE Envelope, the Guidance Counselor will then provide their approval, list your course selections for the program, and send your application to HGTC for processing.

Note:  Priority deadlines for Fall and Spring semester are May 1 and November 1.

HGTC will review your online application, all documentation provided to Guidance, Counselor approval, and verify your residency.  You will receive an official Acceptance Letter in the mail.

PACE Course Selections for Fall and Spring Semester

High School Guidance Counselors will discuss course recommendations with students and parents. High School Counselors will submit course requests and test scores (ACT or SAT) or transcripts directly to HGTC.

Frequently requested PACE courses include ENG 101, ENG 102, PSY 201, SOC 101, SPA 101, SPA 102, SPC 205, MUS 105, ART 101, THE 101, MAT 120, and PHI 110.

PACE Courses Offered on HGTC Campuses, Select High Schools, and Online

PACE courses are taught on the HGTC Conway, Georgetown, and Grand Strand Campus, at select high schools, or online. Face-to Face classes are recommended. However, highly motivated students with time management skills may benefit from online when unable to attend courses on campus.

Course offerings for classes taken on the high school campus will be provided for you by your Guidance Counselor.

NOTE: If recommended courses are unavailable due to capacity limits or cancellations, changes will have to be authorized by the student’s high school counselor.

Important Reminders for Completing the PACE Application and FAFSA Waiver

  1. Complete the Residency Section. This information is required for verification of Horry and Georgetown County residence. If you were born in South Carolina, please put your birth date for the Date Present Stay in SC Began. If not, use the date you moved to South Carolina.

  2. Complete the FAFSA waiver form indicating that you are a current high-school student in dual enrollment, sign it, and date the bottom. The FAFSA Waiver is necessary because it determines your eligibility for Lottery Tuition Assistance without having to submit a FAFSA form.*

  3. Submit qualifying ACT or SAT scores to your counselor. If you have not taken either of these or your scores do not meet the minimum requirements, HGTC will use Multiple Measures or a combination of the two as a means for admission and placement during the enrollment process. High school transcripts will be reviewed by Dual Enrollment staff to admit students and place students into courses.

* Note: Incomplete PACE packets without high school signatures/parent or student signatures, social security numbers, test scores, or FAFSA Waiver will result in delayed admissions, non-admissions, or loss of preferred classes.

SC Lottery Tuition Assistance (LTA)

  1. Students who have completed high school, SC Lottery Tuition Assistance (LTA) requires submission of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid); however, students enrolled in high school may sign the FAFSA waiver and be eligible for LTA. This FAFSA Waiver is included in the PACE Application packet and must be submitted. LTA is not based on financial need and covers over 50% of tuition costs.

  2. PACE students are eligible for SC Lottery Tuition Assistance (LTA), upon meeting qualifications set by the state and enrolling in a minimum of 6 credits (2 classes) per semester.

  3. High School students prior to graduation may receive LTA, which does not affect the LIFE or Palmetto scholarships, which begin following the completion of high school.

  4. Upon graduation from high school, students cannot receive LTA and LIFE/Palmetto in the same academic year (applies to Early Completers). For example, early completers who graduate high school mid-year may not receive LTA in the fall ( enrolled in PACE classes during high-school) and LIFE in the spring (their first semester of college post high-school graduation).

SC•WINS Scholarship

The SC•WINS Scholarship is available to Dual Enrollment students who are already receiving Lottery Tuition Assistance and are on Free or Reduced lunch. Please send a copy of your approval letter from the school cafeteria to the PACE Program Coordinator.

Important Note: The grades of college courses completed in high school will affect your class standing and/or GPA and, therefore, will affect your eligibility for LIFE and other scholarships following graduation.