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PACE Frequently Asked Questions

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PACE Dual Enrollment “Frequently Asked Questions”

Take PACE college classes while you're still in high school earning credit towards high school graduation and college degree requirements. Getting a head start on college means you can lighten your load in college or even graduate early. You'll save time and money, too, since Horry-Georgetown Technical College is affordable and tuition grants may be available. Taking PACE college classes in high school are a great way to begin your college career. Ask your counselor about the SC Lottery Tuition Assistance for students taking two PACE classes (6 college credit hours) in a semester paying over half of tuition costs.
High school juniors or seniors must demonstrate the ability to be successful on the higher level, more advanced college coursework and have the necessary work ethic to handle the increased rigor of college classes. Learning time management and study skills becomes even more important. Eligible students must meet the course prerequisites, the ACT & SAT test score requirements for admission, have parental permission, and the approval of the high school counselor to participate in PACE. If test scores are unavailable or your scores did not meet minimum requirements, High School Transcripts will be reviewed by Dual Enrollment Staff to admit and place students in courses.
Eligible high school juniors and seniors may participate in PACE classes online, in their respective high school when available, or on one of the three HGTC Campuses, Conway, Grand Strand, and Georgetown when providing their own transportation. PACE classes meet on a Mon./Wed. or Tues./Thurs. schedule.
Courses include: English 101, English 102, Math 110 (College Algebra), Math 120 (Probability & Statistics), Music 105 (Music Appreciation), Art 101 (Art History & Appreciation), Theater 101 (Intro to Theater), Psychology 201, Sociology 101, Spanish 101, Spanish 102, GEO 101, GEO 102, and Speech 205 (Public Speaking)
PACE Fall Semester classes begin in August and PACE Spring Semester classes begin in January.

Students will follow the HGTC Academic Calendar for attendance, drop-add dates, and final exams for PACE.
Contact your high school counselor to receive an application informational packet. The PACE Application includes instructions for completing the online application, a FAFSA Waiver Form, HGTC Dual Enrollment Agreement, and Verification of Citizenship with proper documentation to be completed by the student and parent. The Counselor Approval and Course Recommendation will be completed by the school counselor. Incomplete applications without parental approval, counselor approval submitted along with test scores and course selections, as well as FAFSA Waiver will result in delayed admissions.
PACE Orientation is required to introduce myHGTC and HGTC Student Services available to PACE students. Students and parents are invited to attend. Please RSVP to a PACE Orientation session of your choice online.
myHGTC is the student's connection to online college e-mail and services available. The student's individual login allows access to important HGTC student information, announcements, schedule, grades, and college e-mail. Online tools and resources found on myHGTC includes the HGTC Library, Student Success and Technology Center, and Career Services.
TECH Central is located on the HGTC campus.  Students may receive technology support and assistance with their myHGTC & D2L account at TECH Central and also by contacting the HGTC helpdesk for myHGTC & D2L at (843) 349-8324 or by email, techcentral@hgtc.edu.
Desire2Learn (D2L) online resources for regular classroom and online students is an online course tools package to access course materials, course instructional packet, professor contact information, class syllabus, attendance and grades during the semester.
PACE students will receive an HGTC acceptance letter in the mail with username, password, and H-number (your HGTC ID number). Keep these in a safe, secure place with easy access.
Students can e-mail their PACE professors on the myHGTC portal. Access your D2L Account on myHGTC to view your Course Instructional Packet, Course Syllabus, and professor Contact Information. E-mail your professors with any issue or concerns you have, to schedule a time to meet with them to discuss your questions, or to notify them of a class absence.
College credit earned in PACE courses identified as University Transfer are accepted as transfer credit at all two-and four-year SC public colleges, many SC private colleges, and other out-of-state colleges. Students are encouraged to contact their prospective colleges about specific guidelines on transfer credits and appropriate course selection(s) for their major. Visit www.sctrac.org. View 86 approved transfer courses www.che.sc.gov.
Whether your college plans include earning an associate's degree, a bachelor's degree or a career-specific major, PACE is the perfect way to get started. For students planning to earn a two-year Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science Degree then transfer to a four-year college, this will give you a head start on earning credits towards your bachelor's degree.

For example, HGTC students earning an Associate Degree then transferring to Coastal Carolina University will have their core curriculum requirements waived. This valuable opportunity saves HGTC students both time and money by allowing students to get a four year degree in less time! Get a head start NOW at HGTC!
If you would like to continue your studies at HGTC after graduation, please complete the Dual Enrollment Update Application.
Do They Affect My High School GPA, Class Rank, & Scholarships?
The PACE grades earned will be the first grades to appear on your college transcript. Failure to complete these courses with a "C" or better may result in a lower overall GPA and ineligibility or loss of financial aid later on. PACE grades are important and will affect High School GPA, Class Rank, and Scholarships.
Grades in PACE dual credit classes, as well as AP or IB, are given a full quality point higher on the SC Uniform Weighted Grading Scale than the same grade received in a high school college prep (CP) class on your high school transcript.
Students must provide their own transportation to PACE classes taught on the HGTC campus. However, many high school students carpool. HGTC parking decals are provided to students and may be obtained through Public Safety. Students are to bring their driver's license and car registration with them.
High school students, who are SC residents (1yr.) and enrolled in two PACE classes (6 credit hours) in a semester are eligible for Lottery Tuition Assistance (LTA) funds, paying over half of tuition costs. Ask your counselor about other grants/assistance that may be available and refer to your school district's dual enrollment guidelines. International students/non-residents are not eligible for LTA.
For information regarding Student Services available for students with an IEP or a 504 Plan contact disabilityservices@hgtc.edu
Taking PACE dual credit classes in high school offers important advantages and benefits, including:
  • Earn credits NOW that apply to high school AND college degree requirements.
  • Transition smoothly into the rigorous academic expectations of college.
  • Save money on tuition costs now at HGTC through affordable tuition which reduces overall college costs.
  • Take two PACE classes (6 credit hrs.) in a semester and receive Lottery Tuition Assistance. Save time by getting a head start on your college associate's degree or on a bachelor's degree.
  • Reduce the course load during the college freshman and sophomore years, improving the student's ability to meet the "B" average required to keep scholarships such as LIFE.
  • Earn transferable college credit upon successful completion of a PACE course rather than having to take an additional national exam (AP) in order to become eligible to earn college credit.
  • AP classes are yearlong classes that require a national exam score of 3 to earn credit.
  • Earn college credit in a PACE course successfully completed in a semester rather than in a year.
  • Receive one full quality point for a PACE dual credit course added to the base CP (College Prep) weighting on the SC Uniform Grading Scale which can benefit the student's high school GPA and class ranking.
  • PACE Dual Credit grades are weighted the same as an AP or an IB course.
  • Enroll in two PACE classes per semester (6 credit hours) and be eligible for Lottery Tuition Assistance funds, paying over half of tuition costs. Students must be SC residents in order to be eligible for LTA. LTA is not based on financial need and does not affect LIFE or Palmetto scholarships which begin after completion of high school. Other grants and assistance may be available. Refer to your school district's dual enrollment guidelines.
  • Prepare high school students to be more successful upon graduation for the next level. Develop important time management and study skills.
  • Make students more competitive when applying to a two or four year college.
  • Get a head start on college means students can lighten their load in college, finish college on time, or even graduate early while saving both time AND money .
  • Begin to ease the transition from high school to college before graduation. Get the best of both worlds... enjoying your high school activities, having the support of family and friends, and increasing your academic skills in college credit classes that will transfer.
  • Have access to a nurturing learning environment in a college setting with dedicated faculty.