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Employee Assistance Program

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Employee Assistance Program

The LifeServices Employee Assistance Program, or EAP, is a special employee benefit provided by Horry-Georgetown Technical College to provide you and your family members with assistance for personal, marital, family, and job-related problems. LifeServices EAP is designed to help you resolve problems, both on and off the job that could interfere with your job performance. The goal of the EAP is to assist employees in achieving and maintaining happy, healthy, and fully productive lives.

 Your EAP can help with such problems as stress, alcohol and drug problems, relationship difficulties, emotional problems, and advice for financial and legal issues. Through employee seminars and individual counseling, the EAP can also assist with the prevention of problems by focusing on lifestyle planning and stress management.

The services offered by LifeServices EAP include 24/7/365 access through toll-free and local phone lines, referrals to local licensed counselors for free, confidential counseling for employees and family members, information-rich website loaded with content and tools for managing work/personal/everyday issues, legal and financial Consultation Services, and support for you as well as your family. These services are provided by professional counselors and experienced seminar facilitators.

A very important feature of the EAP is confidentiality. The counseling is provided by appointment in the privacy of offices away from the workplace. You or your eligible family members can schedule an appointment as a self-referral, and no one at Horry-Georgetown Technical College will know of your participation in the program. No information from an EAP counseling session can be communicated to anyone without your written consent. If you are referred to the EAP by your supervisor because of job performance issues, the only information your supervisor will be given is whether or not you made and kept an appointment, and whether or not you agreed to follow the recommendation(s) made.  Your supervisor will not be told what recommendation(s) were made. Even when you are referred by your supervisor, the content of the EAP session is strictly confidential.

You and your eligible family members may access the services of the LifeServices EAP by calling the toll-free number shown below. An appointment will be scheduled at the earliest time and the most convenient location. There is no charge for the EAP counseling services; the EAP is a pre-paid benefit provided to you and your family members by Horry-Georgetown Technical College.

Number of Visits - LifeServices will offer up to four EAP sessions per problem situation. With LifeServices, the four visits start over with each new problem situation.

Per Individual - The employee and eligible family members are eligible to receive up to four visits as needed. The number of visits is allocated per individual.

If you have any questions or would like additional information about the LifeServices Employee Assistance Program, please call 1-800-822-4847 or visit the webpage at www.lifeserviceseap.com. E-mail: contact@lifeserviceseap.com