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Employee Recognition Programs

Proud To Be HGTC

Is there a faculty or staff member who did something that made a positive impact on you, another person, or the College? Recognize them with a “Proud To Be HGTC” Award today!

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There's More Award

The purpose of the Employee Recognition Program is to recognize employees who have served HGTC in an exceptional manner by exemplifying outstanding service through his or her work and exhibiting Motivation to lead, Outstanding performance, Readiness to help, and Exceptional service.  The There’s More Award is a formal recognition of employees who consistently perform above and beyond the expectations of their job.

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Taheisha Harris

Taheisha Harris

Taheisha Harris has been employed with HGTC since 2013 as a Financial Aid Specialist. As a Financial Aid Specialist, Taheisha is dealing with students and parents daily either on the phone, by email or in person resolving conflicting information. Taheisha is always willing to go above and beyond the expectations of her job duties in order to help a student or parent with their financial aid. Taheisha is very knowledgeable, great personality and a hard worker who is often times complimented by students and parents of how much Taheisha has assisting them in the Financial Aid Process and are very grateful. Taheisha is always ready to help make the Financial Aid process less stressful and less complicated for the students and parents. Due to her exceptional service, Taheisha has receives several praise recognitions from students and parents. Therefore, I would like to nominate and recognize her for a job well done. Taheisha is well deserving of this award.

Jeff Matthews

Jeff Matthews

Jeff is committed to seeing the problem through to resolution, which occurs only when the user is satisfied that the problem has been resolved and when the solution is permanent and conforms to policy and best practice. Support techs must be both willing and capable of following all the steps in a procedure even in a crisis, pursuing loose ends when necessary and Jeff has handle change exceptionally well and also has excelled during this time.

Jeff recognizes that we will never know everything about an issue and the key is to know where to look for information and resources and to be willing to ask for help when they need it. Jeff accepts he must be prepared to read manuals and take correction from others. It takes a certain humility to crack open a manual, go to a colleague for a solution.

Jeff has done an excellent job in understanding rapid change is an inherent characteristic of information technology, and those who want to remain productive within the industry must actively seek out every opportunity to further their knowledge, whether through formal training by attending classes or only by reading, participating in forums, and asking questions of co-workers.