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Proud To Be HGTC

Is there a faculty or staff member who did something that made a positive impact on you, another person, or the College? Recognize them with a “Proud To Be HGTC” Award today!

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There's More Award

The purpose of the Employee Recognition Program is to recognize employees who have served HGTC in an exceptional manner by exemplifying outstanding service through his or her work and exhibiting Motivation to lead, Outstanding performance, Readiness to help, and Exceptional service.  The There’s More Award is a formal recognition of employees who consistently perform above and beyond the expectations of their job.

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Jason Whiteside

Jason Whiteside

I am so excited for the opportunity to recognize Professor Jason Whiteside with the There's More Award!  Jason is such an asset to the science department and he brings a smile to all those that he interacts with on a daily basis.  He has a willingness to participate and serve at the department and college level that is unmatched.  That willingness paired with his work ethic and quality of work have earned him seats on department and college level committees that are seemingly too numerous to count!  I know that as the department chair, whenever I may need assistance with coverage of a class or assistance with a project, Professor Whiteside will readily accept and will do so with gratitude.  He is a team player and eager to take on new responsibilities.
Jason also has a level of empathy and understanding for his students that is such a gift to our HGTC students.  His student evaluations are always a joy to read because they show how earnestly his students love his classes!  He is always willing to go beyond to assist students and has a heart for advising and mentoring our HGTC students.  Additionally, Jason has worked with the Pre-Medical Science club since its inception, has led, and supported the College's mission through the club for many years now.  I am grateful to have faculty within our department like Jason, who is a diligent hard worker, and so much fun to work with.

Geoff Blunt

Chef Geoff Blount

Chef Geoff exemplifies readiness to help.  In the past three months, in addition to all his culinary duties and events, he took time to present his team building exercise with our new employees during New Hire Orientation and with our Student Affairs team as part of a pilot program for professional development towards employee retention.  Through this program he motivates and inspires his students and fellow faculty and staff to accomplish more aligning our actions with the College's mission.  This is the epitome of exceptional service.  He implemented this team building exercise into his program and is helping other programs and departments to do the same.  Thank you Chef Geoff!!