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Employee Recognition Programs

Proud To Be HGTC

Is there a faculty or staff member who did something that made a positive impact on you, another person, or the College? Recognize them with a “Proud To Be HGTC” Award today!

To send someone a “Proud To Be HGTC” Award, please complete the following form:

There's More Award

The purpose of the Employee Recognition Program is to recognize employees who have served HGTC in an exceptional manner by exemplifying outstanding service through his or her work and exhibiting Motivation to lead, Outstanding performance, Readiness to help, and Exceptional service.  The There’s More Award is a formal recognition of employees who consistently perform above and beyond the expectations of their job.

To nominate someone for the "There's More" Award, please complete the following form:

Nancy Eckstrom

Nancy Ekstrom

I'm nominating Nancy for this award because of her constant hard work and dedication. She's always going above and beyond in her job. Nancy works in the office of Academic Affairs and is the backbone of the Dean's office. She works tirelessly to ensure that our faculty have what they need and feel supported.

She is often the first person to work and the last to leave on many days because she will stay as long as it takes to get the job done. Another amazing quality about Nancy is that she will go above and beyond to help a student when they come into the office. She takes the initiative to find out what the student needs and always follows through so the student leaves the office feeling well taken care of.

She truly sets the tone in the office. She requires very little supervision and serves as a wonderful mentor to her colleagues. Nancy is a treasure and we would be lost without her. Thank you for all you do Nancy, we see you and we THANK YOU!

Minda Chuska

Dr. Minda Chuska

Dr. Chuska was recently a part of group who helped to streamline placement entrance scores for the English division and for the college. This, along with the work to realign and redevelop developmental courses for English will make a significant impact on easier admission to the college, student success and persistence/retention.

These improvements are not only innovation and advanced, but Minda always approaches challenges with the qualities for a There's More Award, including Motivation to Lead, Outstanding Performance, a Readiness to Help, and Exceptional Service. Great job!!