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Proud To Be HGTC

Is there a faculty or staff member who did something that made a positive impact on you, another person, or the College? Recognize them with a “Proud To Be HGTC” Award today!

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There's More Award

The purpose of the Employee Recognition Program is to recognize employees who have served HGTC in an exceptional manner by exemplifying outstanding service through his or her work and exhibiting Motivation to lead, Outstanding performance, Readiness to help, and Exceptional service.  The There’s More Award is a formal recognition of employees who consistently perform above and beyond the expectations of their job.

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Lori Heafner

Lori Heafner

At the direction of President Fore, Lori Heafner coordinated the HGTC Leadership Retreat in support of the College’s strategic planning process on Friday, May 31, 2019.  Lori prepared the agenda, provided college leaders with the appropriate data/information and facilitated the half-day retreat.  Lori’s planning and professional facilitation of the retreat led to a positive, productive day which allowed leaders to collaborate, hear from one another and set the vision for FY20.  We are proud of Lori and appreciate her hard work and dedication to support HGTC’s strategic planning process.

Charles Loftin

Chuck Loftin

Professor Loftin consistently displays outstanding performance in the classroom, in his role as a faculty member of the science department at HGTC, and in service roles at the college level.  Within the science department, Chuck has become a leader for the anatomy & physiology areas on the Conway campus.  He consistently monitors the lab spaces, supplies, and equipment and is always willing to do whatever is needed to make sure they are ready for faculty and students.  Chuck went above and beyond this past year repairing skeletons on our campuses in order to save the department thousands of dollars in replacement costs.  Chuck is the first to volunteer to assist or cover courses for fellow faculty when the need arises.  Chuck is highly organized and efficient, and as his department chair, I know that if Chuck is leading an initiative or chairing a committee, that I can depend on the quality of his work being exceptional and that the work will be completed on time or ahead of schedule.

In the classroom, Professor Loftin continuously strives to better his teaching and is willing to implement new instructional strategies and new technologies to do so.  He is a leader in distance learning within the department and has some of the most well developed online courses at the college.

Chuck is always willing to serve as a leader, and in that capacity, he co-chaired the science department's retention committee while also chairing the department's committee customizing our BIO 112 lab manuals during the 2018-2019 academic year.  He is willing to take on leadership roles and is steadfast in his ability to exceed whatever goals and challenges are presented to him.  He has taken roles at the college level by managing the GELO collection college wide and is serving on RIPT.  In addition to all of this, Chuck is an amazing coworker.  He is a friend to all, a team player, and always willing to assist whenever it is needed and in whatever way he is able.  When I first heard of this award, he is the first faculty member that I thought of, as he is truly deserving of this honor.