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There's More Nomination

There's More Award is designated for a Faculty or Staff employee, nominated by their supervisor or another member of College leadership, who demonstrates the following:

Motivation to Lead:

  • Motivates and inspires the people around them to accomplish more than they would have normally
  • Inspires a high level of commitment from others when taking on new initiatives
  • Aligns actions and decisions with the College’s strategic goals, mission and direction
  • Sets a high standard of integrity by leading through example and maintains high personal standards

Outstanding Performance:

  • Maintains an appropriate level of efficiency and accuracy when completing tasks
  • Consistently displaying performance that results in extraordinary and exceptional accomplishments with significant contributions to departmental and College objectives
  • Exhibits a goal-oriented mindset, breaking down larger tasks into small doable steps focusing on specific timelines

Readiness to Help:

  • Displays a helpful, cooperative and positive attitude towards superiors and co-workers
  • Consistently friendly and available to others
  • Uses effective listening skills
  • Has a team player attitude
  • Voluntarily assists co-workers in order to complete important department projects
  • Willingness to learn and take on new responsibilities
  • Ability to train others and gladly willing to do so

Exceptional Service:

  • High overall quality of performance
  • Serves as a role model to others
  • Goes above and beyond the requirements of the job
  • Accurately completes work assignments on time
  • Controls high stress situations tactfully and calmly
  • Takes initiative
  • Requires little supervision

Nominees will be awarded the There’s More Award if they exhibit criteria from each of the sections listed above. Nominators should keep in mind the criteria and write the nomination accordingly. When asked why an employee is deserving of the award, elaborate on your response; give specific examples. Attempt to reveal in words how your employee met each of the criteria.

Each recipient will receive a There’s More award certificate. Once a quarter, the HR Team will randomly
draw a name to win a $50 gift card.

Write a brief summary of why you think your nominee meets the criteria for this award.  Any other documents to support this nomination, i.e. email, letters, presentations, etc. should be emailed to Monica Ramsey in Human Resources. All nominations will be reviewed by Human Resources.