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Modern Cooking Equipment

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Modern Cooking and Plating

Learn from the best chefs in culinary education at the International Culinary Institute of Myrtle Beach by using contemporary equipment that is widely used in modern cooking and plating.

The International Culinary Institute of Myrtle Beach is the place to learn about and experiment with these methods of food preparation.

Contemporary Equipment

  • Combi ovens, while relatively new to the restaurant industry were first introduced 15 years ago as a combination steam and convection oven that gained immediate popularity in high volume hotels and restaurants.  The true genius behind the combi oven is that it uses both dry heat and steam to maintain exact humidity levels, thus giving more control of the moisture levels in food.
  • Rotary evaporation systems slowly evaporate moisture under a vacuum to create a delicate concentrate and/or a tasty distillate. It uses vacuums and varying temperatures to produce delicate infusions, distillates, or concentrates.
  • Freeze-dry systems are very rare in college culinary labs and in restaurants. Unlike dehydrating,  the freeze-dry system reduces water under a vacuum setting at very cold temperature, then gradually increases the temperature over several days to produce freeze-dried foods.  Ever heard of astronaut ice cream?  There is a long list of reasons why freeze-dried foods exist and how they are used in outer space, camping and in other environments. Working with freeze-dried foods inspires students to think about food on a deeper level. 
  • The Sonic homogenizer, another unique piece of modern equipment students will be exposed to at the Culinary Institute. Ultrasonic homogenizing is a mechanical process to reduce small particles in a liquid so that they become uniformly small and evenly distributed, it uses frequency sound waves to emulsify, separate, or infuse items.