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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


HGTC is committed to inclusion, equity and diversity. We strive to have a community that represents diversity in its many dimensions.

Inclusion. Diversity. Equity. Access. #IDEAHGTC

Through student engagement & community initiatives, we aim to develop a substantially more inclusive and culturally diverse environment.

Diversity & Inclusion

Personal/Internal Categories:

  • Race & Ethnicity
  • Age
  • Sex
  • National Origin
  • Gender Identity & Gender Expression
  • Sexual Orientation/Sexuality
  • Ability Status (physical, intellectual)

External Categories:

  • Education Background & Level
  • Political Beliefs or Affiliation
  • Family (role, kind)
  • Language (first language, proficiencies)
  • Income/Socioeconomic Status
  • Religious/Spiritual Affiliation
  • Physical Appearance
  • Work Experience & Organizational Role

DIVERSITY refers to a wide variety of differences and similarities among individuals as well as different identity groups. Diversity = Presence.

INCLUSION is where differences are welcomed, different perspectives are respectfully heard and every individual feels a sense of belonging. Inclusion = Culture & Climate.

EQUITY is the promotion of policies and practices that gives members of a community what they need to have the opportunity to be successful. Equity = Access.

Puzzle pieces (diversity) put together (inclusion)

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HGTC is committed to inclusion, equity and diversity.