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HGTC Celebrates Success of Digital Court Reporter Program

(Conway, SC) 10/24/2023

HGTC graduate Cassidy Holland

Cassidy Holland, Digital Court Reporter for Bee Holland LLC, is a contractor working for various other companies who hold both state and federal contracts.

Horry-Georgetown Technical College (HGTC) is delighted to share the remarkable progress achieved by its Digital Court Reporter Program since its inception in 2019. This program was developed with the primary objective of augmenting the state court system's workforce with cutting-edge digital technology. Not only has it effectively addressed the need for court reporters in both the private sector and the court system, but it has also significantly impacted the lives of its graduates.

One standout success story is Cassidy Holland, an HGTC Court Reporter graduate, whose passion for the justice system led her to embark on a career change amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

"In the fall of 2020, I was working as a customer service agent for various corporations online, but I was still longing for a career where I could be a trained specialist, more financially appreciated, and have a clear ladder of advancement," shared Cassidy Holland.

Her journey took an exciting turn when she and her husband, Jeremy, stumbled upon the Digital Court Reporting Certificate on the HGTC website while watching Court TV. They were pleased to discover the program was available at little to no cost to students.

"I immediately applied for the digital court reporting program and began taking classes within a few weeks," Cassidy continued.

Soon after receiving her certificate, Cassidy secured a position with a company specializing in remote depositions. This opportunity allowed her to gain valuable experience in completing mandatory paperwork, handling exhibits, and engaging in courtroom interactions.

"After gaining experience in the virtual courtroom setting, I began working for another company that operates in Federal Courts in the areas of labor and tax law. This job requires travel along the eastern coast to major cities. So far, I have traveled to North Carolina, Georgia, Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico, among others," she explained.

HGTC offers two online programs in court reporting:

  1. Digital Court Reporting without Legal Transcription: A self-paced, eight (8) week online class designed to provide participants with a thorough understanding of digital court reporting, covering all legal proceedings, including court work and depositions.
  2. Digital Court Reporting with Legal Transcription: A self-paced, 24-week online class in which individuals learn about the court system, legal procedures, terminology, ethics, professionalism, and confidentiality.

The trial courts in South Carolina will always require qualified professionals capable of preserving the record and maintaining an efficient workforce to keep the state's courtrooms operational.

“We recognized the increasing demand for court reporters in South Carolina years ago and have taken proactive steps to address this need. The fact that much of the existing workforce is approaching retirement age highlights the importance of training a new generation of court reporters to fill these crucial roles in the legal system,” said Dr. Marilyn Murphy Fore, HGTC president. 

South Carolina Senator Stephen Goldfinch played a pivotal role in launching the program in 2019, recognizing the pressing need for court reporters in the state.

“HGTC's commitment to helping individuals enter this profession not only serves the needs of the legal community but also offers career opportunities and job security for those who choose to pursue court reporting. It's a win-win situation that benefits both South Carolina's justice and legal systems and aspiring court reporters,” said Jeffrey LeBlanc, SC Court Administration.  “As this field continues to evolve with advancements in technology, it's crucial for educational institutions like HGTC to stay updated and equip students with the latest tools and techniques in digital court reporting. This will ensure graduates are well-prepared to meet the demands of the modern legal landscape.” 

"Being able to gain court reporter training from HGTC has been a life-changing experience. I now have a long-term career I can pursue with no strings attached. To be successful at court reporting, it takes a serious time commitment, willingness to work closely with others, and being open to travel throughout the country. Although the job is very challenging, being in a career that I love is invaluable. I could not have done this without HGTC," Cassidy exclaimed.

The next Court Reporter Program classes are set to commence on November 8. Interested students can obtain more information and enroll by calling 843-477-2020 or visiting HGTC's Court Reporting Program.  Tuition is covered with the SCWINS scholarship for all in-state residents. 

“An online court reporting program provides accessibility and flexibility for individuals interested in pursuing a career in court reporting. Online programs can accommodate students who may have other commitments or geographical constraints, making it easier for them to acquire the necessary skills and qualifications,” continued Dr. Fore.