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HGTC Applauds Historic Statewide Transfer Agreement Signing

(Conway, SC) 01/11/2024

HGTC Applauds Historic Statewide Transfer Agreement Signing

Press Conference Attendees, including Governor Henry McMaster, South Carolina Technical College Presidents, and other State Legislators

Horry-Georgetown Technical College (HGTC) President, Dr. Marilyn Murphy Fore, attended a press conference on Thursday, January 11 with Governor Henry McMaster and other state legislators at the State House in Columbia. 

Today marks a historic moment for higher education in South Carolina as leaders, including House Speaker Murrell Smith, Governor Henry McMaster, and SC Technical College System President Dr. Tim Hardee, gathered to celebrate the signing of the Statewide Transfer Agreement. This groundbreaking collaboration between the South Carolina Technical College System (SCTCS), Clemson University, and the University of South Carolina Columbia is set to streamline the transfer process, enhancing student success across the state.

The Statewide Transfer Agreement is a concerted effort to refine the transfer process between SCTCS and SC Public Research Universities, specifically Clemson University and the University of South Carolina Columbia. This landmark initiative, designed to be dynamic with ongoing assessment and evaluation, aims to optimize student educational opportunities by strengthening the seamless transfer of credits from technical colleges to public research universities within the state.

Key components of the agreement include the establishment of 30 or more credit hours of guaranteed acceptance and applicability to the student’s major, maintenance of a minimum of 60 credit hours for specific programs, a reverse transfer credit option, annual data sharing, and a commitment to ongoing collaboration through faculty and staff convenings.

"I am thrilled to celebrate the signing of the Statewide Transfer Agreement, an endeavor I have wholeheartedly supported for many years," said Speaker of the House Murrell Smith. "This is a great first step in a continued commitment to making education more accessible, affordable, and adaptable to our state’s students."

“At a time when workforce development is crucial, the Statewide Transfer Agreement will make college more affordable and accessible, encouraging South Carolinians to pursue degrees in high-demand career fields," stated Governor Henry McMaster.

Dr. Tim Hardee, President of the SC Technical College System, highlighted the commitment to accessibility, stating, "This statewide agreement streamlines achieving higher education goals for students across South Carolina, allowing them to initially take financial advantage of lower tuition at their local technical college and then seamlessly transfer to USC or Clemson for their bachelor’s degree."

University of South Carolina President Michael Amiridis and Clemson University President James P. Clements expressed excitement about expanding opportunities for South Carolinians to earn a four-year college degree.

"The Statewide Transfer Agreement is a huge win for South Carolina students and their families," said Senate President Thomas Alexander. "This teamwork will make college education more affordable and achieving a degree more efficient."

Chairlady Shannon Erickson commended the collaboration, stating, "This is a wonderful example of the great work we can accomplish when we put families and students first." 

University of South Carolina Provost Donna Arnett emphasized the agreement's critical role in supporting the university’s mission of academic excellence.

The excitement and enthusiasm for the Statewide Transfer Agreement extend to local institutions, with Dr. Marilyn Murphy Fore, President of Horry-Georgetown Technical College, expressing immense enthusiasm. She highlighted the transformative nature of the collaboration, commending the guaranteed acceptance of 30 or more credit hours and the innovative reverse transfer credit option. Dr. Fore sees the potential of this agreement to make higher education more efficient, affordable, and adaptable for local students in Horry and Georgetown counties.

“This collaborative effort between technical colleges, public research universities, and state leaders sets the stage for a more accessible, affordable, and seamless higher education experience for South Carolina students,” said President Fore.