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HGTC Graduates Largest Paramedic Class

HGTC Graduates Largest Paramedic Class

(Conway, SC) 05/18/2023

a class of emt students in front of a metal HGTC sign.

(left to right) Front row - John Gifford, Robert Strickland, Chysuk Proctor, Tara Albohn, Jacqueline Brengel, Jonathan Johnson, Dawn Durante, Frank Brown
Center row - Erik Murwin, Steven Berrios, Joseph Griswold, Woodrow Tudor, Beth Petty, Dylan Bauer, Matt Heymann
Back row - Justin Loehr, Chasity Mocarski, Alexis Jordan, John Assip, Katelyn Walters, Breanna Ziegenhorn, Mackenzie Kipp, Corey Pearre, Keith Norton, Jacob Phipps, Shayne Owens, Robert Bays, Doug Fain, Jacob Smith, James Fahy, Chase Brill

Horry-Georgetown Technical College (HGTC) is proud to announce 32 Paramedic students successfully completed their yearlong program and are on their way to becoming certified Paramedics.

These graduates are workforce ready and will be working for local Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agencies in time for the busy summer season.

HGTC offers both Basic Emergency Medical Technology (EMT) and Paramedic classes. The Associate in Applied Science in EMT degree prepares students to provide emergency medical support to people who are injured or critically ill and to transport them to a medical facility, if necessary. When working in a first-responder situation, such as an ambulance service or fire department, Paramedics are dispatched to the scene of the emergency, which can be as varied as a car accident, a fire, a falling injury, a dog bite, a shooting or stabbing, a birth, or a person who's suddenly fallen ill. Once at the scene of the emergency, Paramedics assess the situation, determine if additional assistance is needed, and if necessary, request the additional help.

The flexibility of the EMT curriculum allows students to enter the profession at two levels - Basic EMT and Paramedic. This enables students to continue their education while working. In addition to receiving the technical education necessary for the profession, students can take general-education courses to complete degree requirements. Graduates of the program are eligible to take the National Registry Examination for EMT and Paramedic level.

The EMT Program is available for enrollment starting in the fall semester with day and evening options available. The EMT program is a two-semester program with students taking the certification exam in May. There are many opportunities for employment both locally and throughout the state of South Carolina.