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HGTC Announces Life Support Club for Students

(Conway, SC) 12/01/2023

HGTC Announces Life Support Club For Students

Life Support Club at HGTC

Horry-Georgetown Technical College (HGTC) is excited to introduce a new initiative aimed at fostering a supportive and understanding community on campus. The Life Support Club, founded by Dr. Barb Schuckman, HGTC Associate Professor of Psychology, provides a safe space for students to share their concerns, seek advice, and connect with others who may be experiencing similar challenges.

Professor Schuckman initiated the Life Support Club in response to the growing need for a platform where students can freely express themselves without judgment. Recognizing the increased stress students face, particularly in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, she aims to create an environment where students can unload their anxieties and find the support they need. 

"The idea for the Life Support Club stemmed from my students' expressed desire for a place where they could talk openly without fear of judgment. It's become evident, especially post-Covid, that students are facing heightened stress levels without a designated outlet. I wanted to do something tangible to help those in need, and thus, the Life Support Club was born," explained Professor Schuckman.

The club operates as a space for students to share their thoughts, concerns, and issues with one another in a supportive and accepting atmosphere. Participants are encouraged to express themselves openly, with one student speaking at a time, ensuring a respectful and attentive audience.

Professor Schuckman has also implemented additional channels for communication. Students can reach out to her directly via email, providing a confidential avenue for those seeking personalized guidance. To further enhance accessibility, an Instagram account for the group will be launched, allowing students to follow and connect with the Life Support Club online.

For more information about the Life Support Club, contact Dr. Barb Schuckman, HGTC Associate Professor of Psychology, at 843-349-5327 or barb.schuckman@hgtc.edu.