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Student Clubs and Organizations

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Student Organizations (Clubs)

On this page you will find the resources to start a new student organization (club), join an existing organization, or complete required forms for the organization. Student Organizations provide the opportunity to connect with others who have similar interests. You will have opportunities outside of the classroom to participate in fund-raisers, conferences, and events, as well as volunteer projects and other activities, while growing in your desired career field. 

HGTC encourages students to create Student Organizations (Clubs) to share their interests with others. Feel free to follow the steps below to start a Student Organization.

To find more information on an individual club, click on its link below.

We have outlined the following 5 steps to help you start a student organization of your own interest.

Sometimes what you are looking for may be called something a little different than what you may think. Check the descriptions on the Organizations listed above to ensure a similar group does not already exist. If one exists, you can contact the current Advisor to learn how to get involved.

If a group like yours does not already exist, then it is time to start recruiting other current HGTC students who may have the same interest as you. You need at least 3 students to start an organization. Make sure you find people who are committed to helping you start your group and helping it grow.

All registered student organizations are required to have a current HGTC Full-Time Faculty or Staff member to serve as the organization’s Advisor. HGTC Adjunct or Part-time Faculty or Staff members may serve as Co-Advisors. Community members are not permitted to be advisors.

Tips for finding an advisor

  • Is your group academic or related to a major? Start with that department's faculty.
  • Do some brainstorming! Think about faculty or staff who you consider a mentor or a big supporter of involvement on-campus.
  • Schedule a meeting with the potential advisor! Communicate expectations with the potential advisor. What does support look like for you? How involved are you hoping them to be? What type of time commitment are you expecting? You need to make sure they are fully on-board.

Now that you have a group and an advisor, it is time to start laying the foundation. Complete the New Student Organization & Annual Renewal Guide. Once submitted, your forms will be sent for approval. 

New Student Organization & Annual Renewal Guide

Congratulations! Your registration has been forwarded to our office. The Office of Student Engagement will review the registration in full. If there are changes, additions, or inaccuracies that need to be corrected with your registration you will be contacted by the Office of Student Engagement and provided feedback and assistance to make these updates. Once your registration is approved we will send you notification of a successful newly registered student organization!

The entire process can take about 2-3 weeks from the completion of your form.

If at any point you have questions about where your organization stands in the process, contact the Office of Student Engagement via the contact information below.

Office of Student Engagement
Horry Georgetown Technical College
Office Phone: 843-349-3688
Email: studentengagement@hgtc.edu