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Cost of Attendance

Horry-Georgetown Technical College

Cost of Attendance

The U.S. Department of Education requires all college and universities to provide a Cost of Attendance that includes both direct and indirect costs.  

Cost of Attendance does not represent actual charges that you will be responsible for if you attend Horry-Georgetown Technical College.  

Cost of Attendance, sometimes referred to as the student budget, is the estimated cost to attend HGTC for one academic year before utilizing financial aid including grants, scholarships, and loans. The Cost of Attendance includes direct costs and indirect costs. The direct costs are expenses that are charged by the College and will appear on your bill. Direct costs are tuition and fees (licensing and Bridge fees are included if applicable). Indirect costs will not appear on your bill but are estimated expenses that are associated with attending college. Indirect costs include loan fees, books and supplies, transportation, living expenses, and miscellaneous personal expenses.  

To view your direct costs that you must pay to the College, please go to your myHGTC student portal and click on the “Manage My Student Account” card and click on “Login to My Account.” If you have questions about your direct costs or your bill, please contact Student Accounts at studentaccounts@hgtc.edu or 843-347-3186.

Below are the Cost of Attendances for 2023-2024 Commuter students and Bridge students based on residency status, full-time enrollment (15 hours per semester), and attendance for two semesters including the Fall and Spring. The Cost of Attendance will be adjusted for students who enroll in less-than-full-time credit hours and/or attend less-than-two-semesters.

Required Expenses: Horry and Georgetown Counties Out of County Out of State
Tuition and Fees $5,518 $6,778 $10,978
Licensing Fees Specific to Student Specific to Student Specific to Student
Loan Fees $28 $28 $28
Books and Supplies $600 $600 $600
Transportation $1,200 $1,200 $1,679
Living Expenses (total including food and housing) $12,870 $12,870 $14,760
Miscellaneous Personal Expenses $2,700 $2,700 $3,000
Total $22,916 $24,176 $31,045
Required Expenses: Bridge for Horry and Georgetown Counties Bridge Out of County Bridge Out of State
Tuition and fees $5,518 $6,778 $10,978
Licensing fees Specific to Student Specific to Student Specific to Student
Loan fees $28 $28 $28
Bridge fees $3,700 $3,700 $3,700
Books, course materials, supplies, and equipment $600 $600 $600
Transportation $1,200 $1,200 $1,679
Living expenses total including food and housing $9,868*** $9,868*** $9,868***
Miscellaneous personal expenses $2,700 $2,700 $3,000
Total $23,614 $24,874 $29,853

Tuition and Fees - A dollar amount assessed per enrolled credit hour for students each semester.

Licensing Fees - A dollar amount assessed to students who are required to obtain a license, certification, or professional credential for their program of study.

Loan Fees - An allowance for the average cost of Federal Direct Subsidized, Unsubsidized, and PLUS Loan origination fees. 

Bridge Fees (does not include Commuter students) - A dollar amount assessed to all students who participate in the Bridge Program. The fee includes student support services and Bridge Orientation at both intuitions, health center fees, and other program specific fees.

Books and Supplies - An allowance for books, course materials, supplies, and equipment.

Transportation - An allowance for transportation between campus, a student’s residence, and place of employment. This information is based on data from the Bureau of Labor and Statics for our area.

Living Expenses - An allowance for housing costs and for food for three meals per day, seven days a week. This information is based on data from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics for our area. 

***For students in the Bridge Program, the food allowance is based on the unlimited meal plan and the housing allowance is based on the single occupancy housing.

Miscellaneous Personal Expenses - An allowance for unexpected costs and personal expenses such as clothing and hygiene products.

Students who experience greater costs than what is allowed in their Cost of Attendance may be eligible for an increase in their Cost of Attendance, due to a special circumstance. For more information regarding a special circumstance please visit Special and Unusual Circumstances.