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Course Program of Study

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Course Program of Study

Course Program of Study (CPOS) is a process that helps determine what Federal Aid (Pell, FSEOG, Federal Direct Loans) and some State Aid (SCNBG) is awarded to students. As part of this process, Horry-Georgetown Technical College will run automated audits of currently enrolled students to determine which classes qualify for Federal Financial Aid and SCNBG, which by law, can only be applied to courses that are considered part of your program of study.

For example, if you are a Nursing Major and would like to take a Welding class, Federal Financial Aid and SCNBG would not apply. Any courses that are part of your program, including classes that would satisfy a core requirement, would be eligible for Federal Financial Aid and SCNBG. If the Welding class in the above example was used to satisfy a core requirement, it would be eligible.

Frequently Asked Questions

CPOS only affects Federal Financial Aid (Pell, FSEOG, Federal Direct Loans, and SCNBG). It should not affect any financial aid from the State Aid (Palmetto Fellows, Life Scholarship, Lottery, SCWINS, and Workforce Scholarships) or any funding from scholarships.

Students shouldn’t see any significant changes. This is a process that we have done manually for several years. The big change is that we are now using software to help automate the process. The result should be an easier and more transparent process for all students.

CPOS audits will occur every time a change in registration happens. Events that will trigger an audit would be registering for or adding additional classes. If a student is found to be registered for a class outside their Program of Study, they will receive an email from the Registrar’s office informing them of an issue with their current registration status.

If a student is enrolled in a class that is not considered part of their program of study, then Federal Financial Aid and SCNBG would not be awarded to cover the cost of that course. The student would then be responsible for covering the additional cost by some other means.

If the course that is repeated is part of the program of study, there should be no change to the rules for how financial aid is awarded for a student. In general, a course can be repeated if a student didn’t pass (a grade of F, W, or WF) the first time or a second time.

If a student did pass (a grade of D or higher), and is still repeating a class, then Federal Financial Aid and SCNBG will only pay for ONE repeat of the class. Multiple repeats would not be eligible for Federal Financial Aid and SCNBG in this case.

The results of the audit will be visible in DegreeWorks. The course will appear in the “Insufficient” area of DegreeWorks.

In the event you are registered for a course that is outside your program of study, you will be notified after the CPOS audit occurs.

CPOS audits will happen in bulk between the last day for add/drop and before financial aid is dispersed. Audits will also be run every day for students who have updated their registration status. This will include new registrations and any changes to your current course selection.

CPOS audits will begin on June 20th, 2022.  After that, CPOS will run daily, for new students and enrollment changes, up to the day financial aid is disbursed (census date).

If you have questions about a class not being eligible for financial aid, please contact your advisor.