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Dual Enrollment Agreement

Horry-Georgetown Technical College

HGTC PACE/Dual Enrollment Agreement

In preparation to allow my child to participate in the Horry Georgetown Technical College Dual Enrollment, I understand and agree:

  • Dual enrollment students are responsible for adhering to all HGTC Academic and Student Code of Conduct policies and procedures, which can be accessed at www.hgtc.edu.
  • Dual enrollment students are responsible for ensuring payment of all HGTC tuition and textbook costs unless otherwise directed by your high school guidance and administration. If applicable, tuition payment is due upon receipt of HGTC bill mailed after the semester begins.
  • The performance in these classes will directly affect high school records, graduation requirements, GPA, and scholarship opportunities.
  • HGTC will release educational, attendance, and financial aid records, regarding courses taken for dual credit, to parents / guardians / high schools / school districts/ governing homeschools.
  • Withdrawing from a dual enrollment class, or being withdrawn by the professor for failing to meet the attendance and academic standards at HGTC, could result in a failing grade on the high school transcript (51 average) as required by the SC Uniform Grading Scale.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to contact the college to which they intend to transfer to confirm course transferability and be advised concerning appropriate course selections for their major. Learn more about transferable credits by accessing the South Carolina Commission of Higher Education’s web portal, designed to facilitate college course transfer and articulation in the state.
  • SC Lottery Tuition Assistance is available by filling out the FAFSA waiver form; however, the student must be a SC resident and enrolled in at least two classes (6 credits) per semester to qualify.
  • The South Carolina Illegal Immigration Reform Act (S.C. Code Ann. 59-101-430 (Westlaw 2008)) prohibits those unlawfully present in the United States from attending a public institution of higher education in South Carolina and from receiving a public higher education benefit. By signing this statement, you attest that your child is a US citizen, a legal permanent resident in the United States, or an alien lawful present in the US. In addition, the college may require you to submit documentation that supports your claim.
  • Any student providing false information may be subject to dismissal from the college. Any student who is found to be unlawfully present in the US will be dismissed from the college.
  • I understand that in order for my child to receive accommodations, he/she must self-identify as a student with a disability, and provide proper documentation to the Director of Student Development on the Conway Campus.
  • I understand that college course content discussions of a mature nature may occur in dual enrollment classes and agree that my child may participate.
  • I have read this entire Enrollment Agreement, and the PACE Enrollment Guide, and understand the expectations of enrolling as a college student at HGTC. I give permission for my child to enroll in Dual Enrollment Courses at Horry-Georgetown Technical College.