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Technical Advanced Placement

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Technical Advanced Placement (TAP)

Technical Advanced Placement (TAP) is a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) program that provides an opportunity for high school students to achieve advanced placement when choosing a technology program as a major at Horry-Georgetown Technical College (HGTC).

The TAP process of awarding college credit is based on a negotiated agreement between the high school, academy, or charter school and the specific HGTC department with authority over the course and related academic program. Each technology course required for graduation from either an AAS, a diploma, or a certificate has specifically identified skills and knowledge that must be learned called Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs). These SLOs contribute to the overall program-level skills and knowledge required to succeed in the workplace after graduation. The student awarded credit for a TAP course based on an agreement must demonstrate the acquisition of identified skills and knowledge (SLOs) through an examination or assessment process. The concept is based on the student with TAP credit has mastered the skills and knowledge through the high school course; therefore, having a higher level of knowledge and skill than entry-level, avoiding duplication of course content. The TAP course accepted is identified as experiential/exemption credit hours without a grade calculation (HGTC Procedure

Interested high school students should contact the Academic Chair over the technology program of interest to see if a TAP Agreement is available for the course at their school and notify their high school guidance office. Technology programs and contact persons can be found at hgtc.edu/programs. To begin the process for requesting TAP credit, the student must submit a completed and signed Teacher’s Recommendation Form. Credit hours awarded for a TAP course can only be applied to a technology program at HGTC with the identified course and current TAP agreement.

TAP benefits:

  • Save money on college tuition, fees, and books
  • Accelerate progress to college completion
  • Reduce duplication of instruction
  • Provides opportunities for expanded program content
  • Improves job-readiness skills and job placement potential
  • Earn college credit at no cost while in High School
  • Motivates students to continue education

Who is Eligible for TAP Credit?

High school graduates or students, who have successfully completed courses during the 11th or 12th year specifically identified in TAP agreements between their school and HGTC, may request experiential/exemption credit based on the course using the Teacher Recommendation Form.

How Do I Get Credit?

  • A student must apply to HGTC and register (which includes payment of tuition) in order for TAP credits to be accepted and entered on the student’s transcript. The course will show on the transcript with the grade symbol “TP,” which means the student earns the experiential/exemption credit hours, but no grade is calculated.
  • HGTC will award credit to students who enroll within two (2) years of completing the TAP course at the high school.
  • The Teacher Recommendation Form signed by the teacher of record verifies under signature that the student has satisfactorily achieved the student learning outcomes (SLOs) of the course(s) identified in a TAP agreement.
  • Each student is responsible for submitting the Teacher Recommendation form to the HGTC Registrar's Office at the time of application for admission.
  • The maximum number of credits accepted is 15 semester hours; however, the actual number of credit hours that apply to a technology degree, diploma, or certificate will be awarded consistent with college policies and procedures.

Note: TAP credits may transfer from HGTC to other technical colleges and, possibly, to some senior institutions; however, that is the decision of the receiving transfer institution. Students should contact the admissions office at the transferring institution for more information about transferring courses. Transfer information may also be found at www.sctrac.org.

For more information:

Contact the Academic Chair HGTC over the technology program of interest (hgtc.edu/programs) or the HGTC Registrar’s Office at registrar@hgtc.edu.