Student Responsibility - Safety

Student Responsibility - Safety

It is the responsibility of students on each campus to make themselves aware of personal safety measures. Crime prevention materials are displayed on the individual campuses.

Contact Numbers and Procedures for Reporting Crimes and Emergencies

  • Conway Campus
    Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
    (Bldg. 1100) 843-349-7550
    Office:  843-349-7806
    Cell: 843-251-6111
  • Grand Strand Campus
    Campus Provost 843-477-2032
    Office: 843-477-2115
  • Georgetown Campus
    Campus Provost: 843-477-2032
    Office: 843-520-1400
    Cell: 843-446-1869
  • CCU Dispatch
    NON ER:843-349-2177
    EMERGENCY: 843-349-2911

Emergencies – On Any Campus

In the event of an emergency situation, a student or visitor, faculty or staff person should contact Public Safety staff, push the red button on the nearest emergency call box, or report the problem to the most accessible faculty or staff person who will notify the appropriate individual.