Online, and Hybrid Classes

Online/Internet/Hybrid Classes

Online and hybrid courses are courses delivered through the Internet via the learning management system, Desire2Learn (D2L). Lecture materials, written and interactive assignments, related Internet links, e-mail and discussion boards enhance online learning experience. Students discuss the course material with their professors and other students through discussion boards. Online courses allow students to take courses in any location with Internet access. Access training and tutorials for D2L through the Student Information Center: WaveNet Central at all three campuses and online in WaveNet on your Student Services tab.

Students may be required to come to campus, or arrange for a proctor for testing or other activities. Hybrid classes are a combination of computer-based learning and on-campus meetings and/or activities. Campus support and services are available to online students to assure opportunity for success.

Students should check the class schedule for details and should log into their courses within Wavenet in the My Courses channel to check specific course requirements to include course attendance policies.