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HGTC Announces Crane Operator Program

HGTC Announces Crane Operator Program

First Certified Crane Operator Course in SC to Begin February 7.

(Conway, SC) 1/27/2022

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Horry-Georgetown Technical College (HGTC) is pleased to announce the offering of the first Certified Crane Operator training course in partnership with Skyview Crane Training and Inspections. The first of its kind in the state of South Carolina, this short-term, three-week course for beginners will train students how to operate, inspect, and set-up a swing cab and fixed cab crane. The goal of the course is to assist individuals with preparation for the National Commission of Certified Crane Operators (NCCCO) written and practical examinations. This course includes all objectives that are required nationally to prepare students how to operate a crane on any job site.

Experienced operators may take a one-week Crane Rigger/Signal class. The training class covers everything that is required for qualifying riggers and signal persons including:  Rigging components, technical knowledge, inspection, execution of rigging activity, hand signals, voice communication, situational awareness, safety standards and regulations. Each participant will receive a certificate of completion and a photo ID card.

“Certified crane operators are in high demand at this time. We have been blessed with an excellent partnership for this program through Skyview Crane Training and Inspections as we fulfill the need for enrollment in this program and students prepare for new careers with many area utilities. This is a prime example of how HGTC works with the community to respond to the needs of local business and industry,” said Dr. Marilyn Murph Fore, HGTC President.

“We are so excited to be partnering with the great people at HGTC. The Crane and Rigging industry offers great career paths, and we are thankful to be making an impact in opening up these opportunities. While these career paths are open to anyone, we are especially excited to engage more young people in the region, so they are able to be the future of this great industry that continues to build America,” said Bryan McLaurin, Managing Director for Skyview Crane Training and Inspections.

Students must be 18 years old or older to participate in the program. 

Harold Hawley, TJ Eaves, Bryan McLaurin, Dr. Marilyn Murphy Fore, Joe Everett, Brian Schleicher, Dr. Jennifer Wilbanks

Harold Hawley, HGTC Vice President for Finance & Administration, TJ Eaves, Skyview General Counsel, Bryan McLaurin, Skyview Managing Director, Dr. Marilyn Murphy Fore, HGTC President, Joe Everett, Superior Cranes, Inc. President, Brian Schleicher, Skyview Director of Marketing & Communications, Dr. Jennifer Wilbanks, HGTC Executive Vice President for Academic & Workforce Development.