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Quality Enhancement Plan

Horry-Georgetown Technical College

Effective Professional and Interpersonal Communication (EPIC)

EPIC is the acronym for HGTC’s new Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). The QEP initiative will focus on helping students to create more Effective Professional and Interpersonal Communication (EPIC) exchanges in career and education settings.

What is the rationale behind the EPIC plan?

HGTC understands that solid communication skills are a critical component of success in academic and non-academic settings. Institutional research results identified perceived challenges students encounter in the area of communication which presented an opportunity for the College to develop an EPIC plan to improve these skills.

Will students benefit from the goals of this initiative?

Without question! The EPIC plan will enable students to:

  • Improve their ability to communicate through various verbal, nonverbal and written forms
  • Communicate effectively within their chosen career and educational environments

Ultimately, students will elevate their ability to effectively express themselves through clear and meaningful messages in professional and interpersonal settings, while in school and as they prepare for their workforce transition.

Student Learning Outcomes

The EPIC plan will support success in professional and interpersonal communication as students:

  • Convey ideas in a manner which is logical, well-organized, and readily understandable to their audience
  • Employ correct terminology and diction as applicable to their chosen field of study or industry
  • Express ideas in a manner consistent with current standards relative to their discipline or industry
  • Write using appropriate Standard English and vocabulary
  • Use appropriate Standard English and vocabulary in verbal communications
  • Identify appropriate means and methods to communicate thoughts and ideas

QEP Tasks and Timeline

  • Research and Plan Development – in progress
  • Identify Assessment Methods – in progress
  • Student Logo Winner Selection – May 7th
  • QEP Draft #1 – June 2018
  • QEP Final Draft – August 2018
  • SACS On-Site Visit – October 2018
  • SACSCOC Accreditation Information

HGTC 2019 QEP Co-Chairs and Committee Members

  • April D. Garner, M.Ed., CDF – Co-Chair, Director of Career Resource Center
  • Theresa Strong, MBA - Co-Chair, Academic Chair and Professor, Business Administration, Personal Care Services and Interior Design
  • Tony Chowning, Associate Professor, Speech
  • Chris Heafner, Professor, English
  • Sherry James, Professor, Nursing
  • Thomas Jordan, Academic Advisor
  • Russell Luce, Professor, Communications
  • Rich McBride, Asst. Chair, Professor, Mathematics
  • Deanna Ruth, Professor, Forestry
  • Scott Shoemaker, Professor, Electrical Lineman