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PACE Student Accepted into West Point

PACE Student Accepted into West Point

(Conway, SC) 02/03/2023

Horry-Georgetown Technical College (HGTC) is proud to announce that Peyton Granger, HGTC PACE student from Myrtle Beach High School, has been accepted into the US Military Academy at West Point. She received her acceptance news and official letter of notification this week.

Ms. Granger received many letters of recommendation during the college application process from her community, including retired US Army Colonels and HGTC professors. Dr. Marilyn Murphy Fore, HGTC President, also wrote a letter of recommendation.

Woman holding her acceptance letter from west point.

“The HGTC family is proud of Peyton Granger and the goals she has already achieved academically. Her accomplishments are astonishing, not only academically but also in community service and leadership. Although HGTC cannot claim full responsibility for this outstanding news, her honorable acceptance into West Point is a true testimony of the success of our PACE program for high school students and our strong relationship with Horry County Schools,” said Dr. Marilyn Murphy Fore, HGTC President.

Two professors who played a role in her success at HGTC were Dr. Minda Chuska, HGTC Chair/Professor of Communications and Randall Moser, HGTC Assistant Chair/Professor of Mathematics.

Dr. Chuska said, “Peyton already was and is a strong student. I so much appreciated her love of learning. I looked forward to reading her essays and offering suggestions and ways to improve what were already well-written essays. I knew she would be accepted into West Point. What college or university wouldn’t want a student like her?”

Professor Moser said, “Peyton is an exceptional student and has been a joy to teach. She was always early and eager for the start of every calculus meeting we had. Her intellectual curiosity, work ethic, and desire to seek out challenges has brought her much success and will continue to do so at West Point.”

Ms. Granger will graduate with 50 college credit hours. She has a 5.333 weighted grade point average and is currently ranked in the second spot among more than 300 students in the senior class at Myrtle Beach High.

She reports June 26, 2023 to the Academy to major in electrical or systems engineering and branch air defense artillery.

The PACE program has continuously grown over the years, most recently increasing in enrollment by 18% from Fall 2021 to Fall 2022.

Through the PACE Dual Enrollment program, students in Horry and Georgetown counties take college courses and learn about careers as well as transfer opportunities to four-year institutions.

The PACE program offers opportunities for high-school juniors and seniors, as well as private and home-schooled students, to get a head start on college! Through the cooperation of the Horry and Georgetown County School Districts and the area high schools, the PACE program enables qualified students to meet high-school graduation requirements while taking college credit courses. These college credits may apply to programs of study at HGTC or transfer to senior institutions.