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Culinary Student Awarded Tourism Scholarship

HGTC Culinary Student Awarded Tourism Scholarship

(Myrtle Beach, SC) 3/2/2022

Abigail Estes at ICIHorry-Georgetown Technical College (HGTC) is proud to announce that Abigail Estes, Culinary Arts Technology/Baking and Pastry Arts major at the International Culinary Institute of Myrtle Beach, is one of nine seniors from South Carolina colleges and universities selected for the 2021 Tourism Student Awards for outstanding academic achievement in their culinary, hospitality and tourism studies.

“Thank you to the Travel and Tourism Coalition for awarding me the South Carolina Tourism Student Award. It’s truly an honor to represent the International Culinary Institute of Myrtle Beach,” said Abigail Estes, Culinary Arts Technology/Baking and Pastry Arts Student and Scholarship Recipient. “A huge thank you to my culinary instructors for nominating me. I appreciate every one of them and what they have taught me. I plan to use this gracious award to start my journey in the Baking and Pastry Arts program this summer.”

Originally from Cordova, South Carolina, Abigail Estes graduated from high school with honors in algebra and English and ranked number 10 in her high school graduating class. She moved to the area in the fall of 2020 to study culinary arts technology because of her love for bringing others joy through delicious food and all the time spent in the kitchen with both her grandmother and mother.

“All of us at the International Culinary Institute take pride in our program and celebrate students like Abigail Estes for their exemplary scholastic achievements and culinary studies,” said Joe Bonaparte, HGTC Executive Director of the International Culinary Institute of Myrtle Beach. “We greatly appreciate the recognition the South Carolina Travel and Tourism Coalition provides for our students who are motivated to exceed in their studies."

“Abigail's teamwork is a lifeline for her classmates. She arrives to class so well prepared that she can manage her own mise en place, timeline, and help move the class forward at the same time. Abigail also never holds back from challenges that she is unfamiliar with. When the Capstone class was struggling because of COVID-19, Abigail jumped in and managed a course on her own as a first-year student. In American Bistro when a very large wahoo was delivered, Abigail did not hesitate in volunteering to break it down,” explained Catherine Medrano, HGTC Chef Instructor.

Sponsored by the South Carolina Travel and Tourism Coalition, the Tourism Student Award recognizes the state’s outstanding, full-time students from college and university tourism programs across South Carolina. Every year, faculty at each college or university selects one student from their hospitality program for the award. Abigail will receive a $1,000 scholarship through the Fred Brinkman Memorial Fund.

Duane Parrish, South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism Director, congratulated the recipients during the awards presentation by saying, “You should be proud of your accomplishments, and you should also be proud because you have chosen to pursue careers in an industry that has a profound impact on our economy and quality of life,” said. “As tourism industry professionals, you will help shape the visitor experience for your respective destinations, encouraging travelers to discover new experiences, broaden their horizons, and feel right at home even when they are far from home… There is no finer industry to work in than the tourism and hospitality industry, especially here in South Carolina.”