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Library Testimonials

Please view the written testimonials below from students and faculty who have utilized services provided by the library. We are here to help you be successful!

Thank you for having such an exceptional library staff. They are always so helpful. – Student, Fall 2018

I love the library in general not just the website. – Student, Fall 2018

The workshop and library services are outstanding. They are always there when you need assistance or not sure about something. – Student, Fall 2018

I will now use the online version of the library to study and research. – Student, Fall 2018

I had no idea all these resources were available and it will help me in finding sources for future projects and papers. – Student, Fall 2018

I think this workshop sincerely just saved my paper. It gave me multiple ways to get a substantial amount of information. I think everyone needs to take this class. – Student, Fall 2018

The workshop was a great learning experience for the students and for me as an instructor.  I learned about resources and services I can use throughout the semester.  I will definitely begin using Films on Demand in class.  Thank you!  – Faculty, Fall 2018

My students and I did not know how much references we had in the library.  Overwhelming at times, but encouraging.  We have come a long way. – Faculty, Fall 2018

Great Staff! Helpful and cherry. They take the time to get to know you. – Student, Fall 2017

The library staff is ALWAYS friendly and eager to help! They are all extremely knowledgeable and helpful! – Student, Fall 2017

The staff are wonderful people who will help you in any way they can. I love going in the library to do my work because they are always happy. The staff puts me in a better mood because they greet you with a smile. – Student Fall 2017

Honestly, I didn't expect there would be so many options and resources in the library workshop. I know for a fact that I will not use Google for research in my paper or any future assignments. – Student, Fall 2016

I use the chat function all the time when I'm stuck or confused in the area of researching topics or what database to use. – Student, Fall 2016

Extremely pleased with the workshops.  The librarians are professional, well-informed and very approachable/personable.  Excellent student feedback on how helpful they were and how useful the info they prepared and shared. – Faculty, Fall 2016

I would absolutely come in and ask for assistance again in the future, it greatly helped my grade. – Student, Fall 2015

Just want to say that I use this library almost every day and the staff is very friendly and always willing to help out any way they can. Thank you so much. – Student, Fall 2015

You guys rock; this is my 3rd school and by far the most helpful and the best. – Student, Fall 2015


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