Limited Access Programs Requirements

Limited Access Programs Acceptance Requirements

Some of the programs in Health Science offered at Horry-Georgetown Technical College are classified as limited access programs, meaning they may have special, particular or additional admission and/or placement requirements beyond those normally required by the College. In many cases, these requirements include prerequisite classes that must be completed prior to the student’s placement into courses in the particular program area. Applicants must complete HGTC admission requirements and the additional program admission requirements.

Because of prerequisite requirements that may exist for limited access programs, the curriculum displays are for information only and should not be interpreted as an exact representation of course progression, but for outlining program course requirements necessary for completing a particular program of study. Students should confer with their Academic Advisor on the Conway, Grand Strand, or Georgetown campuses for more specific information.

It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of all limited access program admission, (top qualified or first qualified) program advancement and program prerequisite requirements, and to be fully informed of any wait times that may exist for placement into a particular limited access program of study. For more information about the application procedure and/or status of each limited access program, contact the Admissions Office at any campus.