Transfer Students to HGTC

Admission Requirements for Transfer Students

To be eligible for admission to the College, a transfer student must:

1. Complete and return an admissions application, along with the required, non-refundable application fee; Applications submitted without this fee will not be processed.

2. Submit college transcript(s). Transfer applicants should request official transcript(s) from all colleges previously attended be forwarded to the HGTC Admissions Office. Transcripts should reflect the applicant has completed at least one college-level math and one college-level English composition course with an earned grade of "C" or above in these two courses. A transfer applicant whose college transcripts do not reflect above requirements will be given the opportunity to submit SAT/ACT scores that are less than 5 years old or to take the College placement test to determine course placement.

Admission Requirements for International Students

HGTC welcomes the enrollment of international students who wish to pursue collegiate-level study in the United States. The College provides assistance to international applicants in processing the required documents necessary to secure a student F-1 Visa. Assistance is also available for international students who wish to transfer to Horry Georgetown Technical College from another college in the United States or who wish to change their current visa status to F-1 Student.

The following steps are required for international student admission to HGTC: 

1. Complete the Admissions Application and pay the non-refundable application fee;

2. Prospective students who do not speak English as their primary language must submit proof of English language proficiency. A minimum internet-based score of 61 or a paper-based score of 500 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required or a minimum score of 6.0 on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Individuals already in the United States may elect to participate in the college placement test as an alternative to TOEFL and IELTS;

3. Provide copies of current visa and passport documents, including both sides of the I-94 Card;

4. If you have previously attended a university outside of the United States, you must submit a professional course-by-course credential evaluation of all international university coursework completed from a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services or Association of International Credential Evaluators.  Applicants pursuing an interest in the Health Science field are highly recommended to use World Education Services Inc. (WES). Credits from foreign colleges/universities are reviewed by the Registrar’s Office.

5. In compliance with U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) requirements, international student applicants are required to provide documentation of financial resources adequate to cover tuition and expenses for the duration of the international applicant’s program of study. A Certification of Financial Support form must be submitted for this purpose. Estimated annual expenses will vary and will be based upon current tuition and other appropriate information.

Following admission to HGTC, international applicants will be notified to pay a two-semester tuition deposit. This deposit will be used to pay tuition and fees for the first two semesters of enrollment and is fully refundable if the student elects not to pursue study at the College. SEVIS form I-20 will be prepared when the deposit is paid. Students are also required to file form I-901 and pay the SEVIS fee, using the number assigned on the I-20.

Prospective international students currently in the U.S. with a valid visa other than F-1 student must also complete Application to Change Nonimmigrant Status Form I-539 and submit the applicable fee to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Transfer credit may be awarded to international students who attended a college or university either outside or within the United States. Credits for coursework completed at a foreign college or university must be evaluated by World Education Services to be eligible for transfer.

Note: It is the student’s responsibility to ensure all required documents are current and maintained in keeping with all applicable laws and regulations.

Admissions Requirement for Readmit Students

Readmit students are students who are interested in returning to HGTC after an absence of 3 or more consecutive semesters. Students may return to continue a prior program of study or return to start a new program of study.  To enroll as a readmit student:

1. Complete and return an Application for Readmission along with the required non-refundable application fee. Applications submitted without the fee will not be processed.

Admissions Requirement for Visiting Students

Visiting students are students who are visiting from another primary institution. To be eligible for admission to the College, a visiting student must complete and submit an application for admission along with a non-refundable application fee and a completed visiting student form. Visiting students who have previously completed and submitted an Application for Admission must complete and submit an Application for Readmission, along with the application fee and visiting student form for each semester of re-enrollment not occurring within the same twelve month three (3) consecutive semester period.  Visiting students may not be permitted to enroll in all requested courses.  Courses outside of general education will require department chair approval.