PTH - Physical Therapy

PTH 101 Physical Therapy Prof Prep (2)

This course introduces the purpose, philosophy and history of physical therapy and medical/legal documentation.

PTH 202 Physical Therapy Modalities (4)

This course introduces patient care techniques, including patient preparation and therapeutic hot/cold modalities.

PTH 204 Physical Ther Functional Anat (5)

The course introduces the basic concepts and principles of muscles, joints and motion. Emphasis is placed on the development of competence in goniometry, manual muscle testing, and traditional testing necessary to plan for patient treatment.

PTH 205 Physical Therapy Func Anatomy (4)

This course introduces the basic concepts and principles of muscles, joints, and motion, including traditional testing procedures.

PTH 221 Pathology I (2)

This course is an introduction to basic pathophysiology of the body with the emphasis on the body's reaction to disease and injury.

PTH 234 Clinical Education I (3)

This course provides basic clinical experiences for the physical therapist assistant student within a physical therapy setting.

PTH 235 Interpersonal Dynamics (2)

This course introduces the dynamics of the health professional/patient relationship and includes communication and the principles of respectful interaction throughout the life cycle.

PTH 240 Therapy Exercises/Applications (5)

This course provides the practical application of therapeutic exercise.

PTH 242 Orthopedic Management (4)

This course introduces basic orthopedic assessment skills and application of treatment techniques for the trunk and extremities.

PTH 244 Rehabilitation (4)

This course introduces neurological principles, pathology, and specialized rehabilitation techniques for pediatric and adult care.

PTH 270 Special Topics in Physical The (3)

This course provides opportunities for specialized study of selected topics in physical therapy.

PTH 275 Adv Professional Preparation (1)

This course is the study of the skills needed to enter the professional arena, including resume writing, interviewing, professional decision making, and preparation for the PTA National Board Examination.

PTH 276 Physical Therapy Prac II (6)

This course includes a practicum experience in a clinical setting using advanced skills under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist and/or a licensed physical therapist assistant.