OTA - Occupational Therapy Assistant

OTA 101 Fund of Occupational Therapy (3)

This course introduces basic principles in occupational therapy including the philosophy, history, current trends, emerging practice areas, models and theories of the profession. The Occupational Therapy Framework is also discussed.

OTA 105 Therapeutic Analysis in OT (3)

This course focuses on the observation and analysis of therapeutic exercise, activities, and human occupations across the lifespan. Coursework incorporates hands-on experience into the application of therapeutic interventions.

OTA 108 Professional Development (1)

This course introduces the skills needed to enter the professional arena, including resume writing, interviewing, professional decision making, life-long learning opportunities and preparation for the NBCOT certification examination.

OTA 142 OTA Clinical Intro I (1)

This course introduces fundamental knowledge and the application of professional behaviors during the provision of occupational therapy services. Students will learn about observation and interaction skills under the guidance and direction of fieldwork supervisors.

OTA 144 OTA Clinical Introduction II (1)

This course will facilitate continued development of observation and interaction skills in an occupational therapy setting under the guidance and direction of fieldwork supervisors.

OTA 155 Gerontology (2)

This course explores the role of occupational therapy with the elderly population, including physical, cognitive, and psychosocial changes of aging, and sensory loss and compensation. Disease processes and occupational therapy evaluation and treatment principles are emphasized.

OTA 162 Psychosocial Dysfunction (3)

This course examines the occupational therapy process related to psychosocial challenges across the life span. Topics include pathologies, interventions, and promotion of health and wellness.

OTA 176 Pediatric Dev and Dysfunction (4)

This course addresses normal growth and development, disabilities and delays from birth through adolescence. Topics include assessments, treatment planning, and interventions in various practice settings.

OTA 200 Intro to Kinesiology (3)

This course is a study of functional movement of the human body. The course provides an introduction to normal and abnormal musculoskeletal and neuromuscular anatomy with an emphasis on goniometry measurement and muscular testing.

OTA 203 Kinesiology for Occup Therapy (3)

This course includes the identification and analysis of the components of human motion related to occupational therapy.

OTA 220 Adult Physical Performance I (4)

This course introduces the role of occupational therapy in medical, orthopedic, neurologic, and multisystem conditions common in the adult population. Etiology, symptomology, and effects on occupation are discussed.

OTA 221 Adult Physical Performance II (4)

This advanced course explores the clinical application of occupational therapy intervention to diagnoses commonly encountered in the adult population.

OTA 245 Occup Therapy Dept Mgmt (2)

This course covers the operation of an occupational therapy clinic, including inventory, supervision and quality assurance.

OTA 262 OTA Clinical Application I (7)

This course provides clinical experiences under the direct supervision of an experienced OTR or COTA, enabling students to transition into the role of entry-level OTA. Students are assigned to various settings working with individuals with developmental, physical or emotional challenges.

OTA 264 OTA Clinical Application II (7)

Under the direct supervision of an experienced OTR or COTA, students will build on acquired knowledge and skills as they further develop into entry-level OTA practitioners.