HUS - Human Services

HUS 101 Introduction to Human Services (3)

This course covers an overview of the field of human services. Role responsibilities, problems, boundaries, and strategies of human service workers are included.

HUS 115 Geriatric Serv & Activities (3)

This course provides an overview of services, community resources and recreational/therapeutic activities designed for diverse groups in the senior population.

HUS 202 Life Transitions (3)

This course is a study of the life transitions, the changing roles and the issues faced by the elderly and the effects on these individujals, and their family, friends and/or caregivers. Students will develop skills to provide helpful interventions in an entry level position.

HUS 205 Gerontology (3)

This course is a survey of the physical, social, and mental changes that occur as a person ages. The related problems and current programs designed for people age 55 and over are studied in the course.

HUS 208 Alcohol and Drug Abuse (3)

This course is a study of the etiology of alcohol and drug abuse, various types of addictive substances, physical, mental and social implications, programs in rehabilitation, and preventive education.

HUS 209 Case Management (3)

This course covers accepted methods and strategies for effectively assessing client needs, accessing necessary provider agencies, and monitoring and properly documenting service delivery and client welfare.

HUS 212 Survey of Disabil & Disorders (3)

This course is a survey of the major categories of disabilities and disorders with which the helping professional is most likely to work. These will include, but not be limited to, developmental and psychological disorders, visual and hearing impairment and physical disabilities resulting from injury or disease.

HUS 214 Health, Wellness & Nutrition (3)

This course discusses theoretical etiologies, current thinking and current trends in the field of health and wellness in gerontology and developmental disabilities.

HUS 216 Behavior Change Techniques (3)

This course is a study of major theories associated with individual and group psychotherapy, family therapy, and alcohol, drug, and vocational rehabilitation. Emphasis is placed on the techniques of behavioral change.

HUS 219 Psychopharmacology (3)

This course examines the use and effects of various brain-altering substances (i.e., drugs). Psychological, pharmacological, and behavioral effects of drugs are examined with a focus on the brain changes that occur with substance abuse.

HUS 221 Professional Ethics in Human (3)

This course is an in-depth analysis of human services ethics, application of NOHSE codes of ethics, and concepts and dilemmas specific to helping relationships.

HUS 230 Interviewing Techniques (3)

This course covers the development of skills necessary for interviews in various organizational settings. Students in human services will use these skills and knowledge later on their supervised field placements.

HUS 231 Counseling Techniques (3)

This course studies counseling techniques necessary to assist qualified therapists in a variety of therapeutic settings. Students will demonstrate procedures and knowledge of basic counseling theories and techniques related to human services.

HUS 235 Group Dynamics (3)

This course is a study of the effects of crisis on people, methods of intervention, & use of multiple resources to reestablish individual function. Students are required to demonstrate mock crisis activities.

HUS 237 Crisis Intervention (3)

This course is a study of the effects of crisis on people, the methods of intervention, and other use of multiple resources to reestablish individual function. Students are required to demonstrate mock crisis activities.

HUS 250 Supervised Field Placement I (4)

This course integrates human services skills within an approved work site related to the human service field.

HUS 260 Human Services Special Topics (3)

This course studies special topics of interest to particular populations and locations.