HRT - Turf, Landscape, Grounds

HRT 110 Plant Form and Function (4)

This course studies morphology, anatomy, and physiology of higher plants. Emphasis is on plant structure, functions of plant parts, plant processes, plant growth and development, and plant inheritance.

HRT 113 Plant Materials (3)

This course is a study of herbaceous and woody plant materials used in the landscaping and nursery trade.

HRT 125 Soils (4)

A sound knowledge of soils is the foundation for nearly all agricultural endeavors. This course gives an historical and global perspective of soil and its uses with emphasis on current horticulture applications. While the basic concepts of physical, water. and chemical soil properties are taught, they are presented primarily through golf course management use.

HRT 150 Arboriculture I (3)

This course is a study of tree maintenance. Topics covered are tree physiology and anatomy, ropework, tree climbing techniques pruning, fertilization, planting, and watering.

HRT 154 Grounds Maintenance (3)

This course covers cost estimation of a landscape design and its maintenance, preparation of contracts, and development and implementation of maintenance schedules.

HRT 255 Urban Tree Care (3)

This course is a study of selection, installation and maintenance of trees in the urban landscape. Emphasis will be placed on industry standards and municipality requirements. Topics also covered are basic tree anatomy and proper tree pruning and health management.