FOR - Forestry Management Tech

FOR 102 Multiple Use of Forest Lands (3)

This course is a study of how the forest serves the multiple purposes of recreation, wildlife, watershed and range, as well as producing timber crops. It examines the relationship between the public and private sectors in achieving these different demands placed on the forest community.

FOR 130 Dendrology (3)

This course is a study of the characteristics and uses of important trees, shrubs, and lesser vegetation of the southern forest. It includes collecting, mounting, and identifying approximately 115-130 species by leaf, twig, bark, and growth characteristics.

FOR 154 Mensuration (3)

This course is a study of the techniques and instruments used in the measurement of standing or harvested trees. The use of log rules, volume tables, yield tables, and elementary statistics are included.

FOR 156 Timber Cruising and Marketing (3)

This course is a study of the three systems of estimating volumes and values of standing timber--strip, plot, and prism. Stand analysis, dominant tree data, and statistical data are also collected and analyzed.

FOR 206 Forest Ecology (3)

This course is a study of the nature of forests and forest trees, how they grow, reproduce, and their relationships to the physical and biological environment.

FOR 220 SCWE in Forestry (5)

This course is a study of the problems of day to day natural resource operations. Employment in an approved forest or natural resource related industry or agency is required.

FOR 222 Forestry Portfolio (3)

This course is an integrated study and comprehensive report related to the materials and curriculum requirements of the student work experience to include forestry management practices, planning and human resources.

FOR 263 Forest Management (4)

This course examines the tools and techniques used in constructing formal management plans for forests. Subdivision of the forest for management purposes, regulation, and regeneration are included.

FOR 265 Equip and Timber Harvesting (4)

This course covers the analysis of logging situations and decision-making regarding timber harvesting. A study of the various equipment and tools used in forestry operations, techniques of operating and maintaining equipment, and harvesting operations and the costs involved are included.

FOR 268 Forest Protection Practices (4)

This course covers forest fires and the major insects and diseases which attack southern forests. Methods of prevention and control are explored.

FOR 269 Forestry Stat & Data Proc (3)

This course covers measuring, recording, and summarizing various forestry field data and its presentation in technical form. Basic statistical and finance computations, interest, and discount computations are included.

FOR 271 Silviculture (4)

This course covers the treatment of forest stands to achieve prescribed objectives. Specific topics include intermediate forest management practices, the four basic harvest methods, and regeneration of trees.