Electrical Lineman

ELW 110 Electrical Computations (2)

This course introduces the fundamental applications of mathematics that are used by an electrical line technician. Topics include whole numbers, fractions, decimals, powers, roots, simple electrical formulas, and use of a scientific calculator.

ELW 111 Intro to Electrical Line Work (3)

This course introduces basic principles of electricity, safety standards and basic line worker tools. Topics include electrical distribution systems and components, line installation and maintenance applications.

ELW 112 Intro to Electricity (3)

This course introduces the fundamental concepts of electricity and test equipment to non-electrical/electronic majors. Topics include basic DC and AC principles, components and operation of test equipment.

ELW 114 Overhead Line Construction I (3)

This course introduces the basics of overhead power line construction. Topics include safe work habits, protective equipment and pole climbing techniques.

ELW 211 Underground Line Const I (3)

This course introduces underground line distribution systems, including terminators, elbows, transformers, underground installations and safety practices.

ELW 231 Electrical Power Systems (3)

This course examines the basic principles of electrical power systems, including transmission lines, generator and transformer characteristics, fault detection and correction, interpretation of line diagrams and performance of per-unit calculations for circuit performance analysis.