Culinary Arts

CUL 104 Intro to Culinary Arts (3)

This survey course introduces students to the world of culinary arts. Students will be exposed to culinary history, culinary organizations and branches of the culinary field that offer different opportunities in the profession.

CUL 105 Kitchen Fundamentals (3)

This course introduces students to the foundations of sanitation, basic measurements, equipment identification and basic costing.

CUL 112 Classical Found of Cooking (3)

This course introduces classical cooking techniques that include stock, soup and sauce making. Students apply moist and dry heat classical cooking techniques while working with grains, vegetables and proteins.

CUL 113 Success in Hospitality Studies (1)

This course provides an orientation on resources and academic skills to achieve success in a hospitality program. Emphasis is placed on technical, interpersonal and study skills, ethics, professionalism and time management.

CUL 118 Nutritional Cooking (3)

This course focuses on the principles of food nutrition (based on ADA standards) and international food pyramids. Students will create menus, prepare and cook meals while adhering to the principles of a balanced diet.

CUL 123 American Bistro (3)

Students will apply cooking techniques and theories while producing soups, salads, sandwiches and specials in a fast-paced delivery system.

CUL 128 Culinary Mgmt & Human Resource (3)

This course is the study of the theories and concepts of management with an emphasis on human relations skills and managerial techniques as applied to chefs and kitchen managers. Legal aspects of the industry are introduced as part of human resources and executive team responsibilities.

CUL 129 Storeroom & Purchasing (3)

This course combines purchasing theory with practical experience in the storeroom. Students develop skills in purchasing, developing requisitions, food transfers, inventory and organization of the storeroom.

CUL 171 Food & Beverage Controls (3)

This course covers the principles and procedures involved in an effective food and beverage control system including standards determination, operating budgets, cost-volume-profit analysis, income and cost control, menu pricing, labor cost control, and computer applications related to these concepts.

CUL 186 Mediterranean Cuisine (3)

This course is the study of the cuisine of the Mediterranean and the Mediterranean Dietary Pyramid, including Spain, France, Italy, Middle East, and North Africa. Emphasis is on the culture, cooking methods, food products and beverages of the various countries.

CUL 187 Cuisines of Asia (3)

This course covers the basic influences, ingredients, utensils, and cooking techniques of various Asian cuisines. Students will identify the influence of Asian cuisines on western cooking and the development of East meets West cooking.

CUL 215 Cuisine of the Americas (3)

This course is a study of the cuisine of the culinary regions of the United States, South and Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

CUL 220 Intro to Garde Manger (3)

This production course provides students with skills and knowledge of the organization, equipment and responsibilities of the cold kitchen. Students are introduced to classical Garde Manger techniques.

CUL 235 Menu Planning (3)

This course is a study of the principles of menu planning and design with application of basic nutrition, organization plans, and record keeping techniques.

CUL 236 Restaurant Capstone (3)

This course will include capstone competencies for culinary arts students. Students will manage and work multiple stations, develop food specials, cost menus, take inventories, produce a menu analysis and expedite food from the kitchen to the dining room.

CUL 238 Culinary Marketing (3)

This course is a study of marketing strategies to promote the chef, the menu and the restaurant or food-service establishment.

CUL 277 SCWE in Culinary Arts (3)

This course integrates culinary skills at an approved work site related to the culinary industry.

CUL 299 Special Topics in Cul Studies (3)

This course will focus on a special topic in culinary or baking pastry arts such as regional world cuisines, food history, or current trends.