BKP - Baking & Pastry

BKP 112 Intro to Baking Science (1)

This course is the study of ingredient functions, product identification, weights and measures as they apply to baking. Students learn to identify various types of flours, leaveners, and pastry ingredients that affect the outcomes of their finished baked goods.

BKP 119 Intro to Baking & Pastry (3)

This course introduces baking fundamentals and classical baking techniques in a laboratory setting.

BKP 121 Cake Decorate & Finish Tech (3)

This course covers the techniques and assembling used in finishing theme cakes and international cakes with a variety of mediums used in commercial bakeshops.

BKP 125 Hot and Cold Desserts (3)

This course covers the principles of hot and cold desserts to include bombes, parfaits, baked Alaska, ice cream, sorbets, sherbets, granitas, hand-stretched strudel, crepes and souffles. Students will prepare desserts with suitable sauces and garnishes.

BKP 181 Candies & Confectionaries (3)

This course focuses on the elements of making candies and confections. Students will develop a complete understanding of all components of chocolates, sugar, pastillage and marzipan, using basic patisserie principles.

BKP 182 Artisan Breads (3)

This course introduces the fundamental skills, concepts and techniques of artisan bread baking. Use of sponges, wild yeast, bigas and poolish will be incorporated in making authentic rustic bread. Students will make an assortment of international breads as well as breads for special occasions.

BKP 183 Plated Desserts (3)

This course focuses on the elements of modern dessert production and consumption. It stresses a thorough understanding and creation of all components of plated dessert production, using basic pastry principles.

BKP 210 Advanced Cakes (3)

This course prepares students for advanced specialty cake production.

BKP 222 Chocolate and Sugar (3)

This course is a study of chocolate artistry and sugar work to include tempering various types of chocolate for modeling and display work, as well as molding, pulling, and blowing sugar.

BKP 236 Baking & Pastry Capstone (3)

This course includes capstone competencies for baking and pastry students. Students work in a retail bakery producing an assortment of baked goods while managing and selling their products to the public.