BCT- Construction Mgt/Timber Harvest

BCT 105 Tool Usage and Safety (2)

This course covers tool skills and their safe use in construction.

BCT 150 Plumbing (5)

This course is a study of skills for the plumbing trade, safe and proper use of plumbing tools, calculations for plumbing, schematics for plumbing, selection and joining of various pipes, selecting and fitting tubing and fillers, cutting and threading carbon steel pipes, and making flare and compression joints.

BCT 153 Plumbing Repairs (3)

This course covers repair work in domestic and commercial plumbing installation.

BCT 154 Plumbing Tests & Connections (3)

This course is a study and application of DWV piping systems, testing DWV piping, testing water lines, testing faucets and valves, and installing water heaters.


This course integrates building construction skills within an approved work site related to the construction industry.