AHS - Allied Health

AHS 102 Medical Terminology (3)

This course covers medical terms, including roots, prefixes, and suffixes, with emphasis on spelling, definition, and pronunciation.

AHS 106 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (1)

This course provides a study of the principles of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

AHS 110 Patient Care Procedures (2)

This course provides a study of the procedures and techniques used in the general care of the patient.

AHS 113 Head and Neck Anatomy (1)

This course provides a detailed study of the structure of the head and neck with special emphasis on structure as it pertains to the study of dental science.

AHS 141 Phlebotomy for HealthCare Prov (3)

This course contains the essential theory, skills, and special procedures required to meet the venipuncture needs in hospitals, clinics, and other health care settings.

AHS 145 Electrocardiography (2)

This course provides the basic skills necessary to perform ECGs in a hospital, physician's office or other health care setting. The student will be able to perform and interpret basic ECGs.

AHS 163 Long-Term Care (5)

This course emphasizes the basic skills needed to care for residents in the long-term care setting. Students will apply practical use of these skills through clinical experiences in a long-term care facility.

AHS 167 Phlebotomy Capstone Experience (3)

This course provides the opportunity for the student to function as a team member during a phlebotomy clinical experience and provides the knowledge and skills needed to pass the national certification exam.

AHS 175 Multi-Skilled Clinical Prac (4)

This course offers clinical experiences across health related disciplines exposing students to a variety of patient care areas such as cardiac monitoring, EKG, patient transport, and medical and surgical asepsis.

AHS 176 Patient Care Clerical Prin (4)

This course provides a study of the practical applications related to receptionist and patient care clerical duties such as data entry, transferring physician orders, and coordinating unit communications in a variety of health care settings.

AHS 180 Health Careers Preparation (3)

This course includes selected topics such as study skills, test-taking skills, critical thinking, problem solving, ethics, health careers test preparation and other topics to promote student success.

AHS 206 Cross-Sectional Anat for MI (2)

This course is a study of human anatomy as viewed in cross-sectional planes. This is used in medical imaging modalities such as computed tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and Ultrasound.