WaveNet is the source for communications by HGTC to students. Each student who is admitted to the College receives a WaveNet user name and password and retain the user name and password in order to access WaveNet. Each student is solely responsible for security of login information and shall not share the login or password with others. At the time of admission, students also receive an “H number,” which is the student’s unique student identification number.

Regular use of WaveNet is critical for student success at HGTC! WaveNet is the online communication tool for all students, providing access for email from the college, online registration, dropping/ adding classes, D2L courses, student personal information, financial accounts, grades and more, plus announcements of College activities, services, and cancellations.

Students are responsible for maintaining and updating their WaveNet accoun information, for checking WaveNet academic and financial information no less than weekly and for checking WaveNet emails daily for information about classes, deadlines and more. Students should provide the College current contact information by submitting updates through WaveNet. Visit the Student Information Center: WaveNet Central or your Student Services tab in WaveNet for training or online tutorials for using WaveNet.