TUF - Turf Management

TUF 171 Intro to Turf Management (3)

This course is designed to introduce principles of turfgrass management and golf course operations to non-golf course management majors. Topics include turfgrass selection, mowing, commonly used golf course terminology, supplementary cultural practices, different types of golf courses and the golf course management principles. The history and function of golf related organizations are also discussed in the course.

TUF 172 Turf Management I (3)

This course covers the principles and practices involved in turfgrass management. Topics include establishment, maintenance, and management of turfgrass areas.

TUF 174 Turfgrass Pests I (3)

This course is a study of turf insects and diseases with emphasis placed on identification and control. Weed identification is also included.

TUF 175 Turfgrass Pests II (3)

This course provides an in-depth analysis of turfgrass pests with emphasis on scientific resources.

TUF 190 SCWE in Turf Grass Management (5)

This course provides for practical work experience and integration of turf grass skills at an approved turf grass facility or golf course.

TUF 201 SCWE in Golf Course Management (8)

This course provides practical work experience at an approved golf course. Record keeping, experience in supervision and objective reporting of the golf course problems, corrections, and cost analysis are included.

TUF 203 SCWE in Sports Turf Management (8)

This course provides practical work experience at an approved sports turf facility. All aspects of the business will be covered while working under the supervision of an industry professional. Progress will be monitored by faculty and students are required to file reports on a regular basis.

TUF 215 Turf Business Practices (3)

This course is a study of business practices and personnel management needed to operate a turf enterprise. Topics include budget management, business and economics, communication skills, interpersonal relations, government requirements, and problem solving.

TUF 252 Turf Management II (3)

This course is an in-depth analysis of common management practices on turf with emphasis on scientific resources.

TUF 262 Pesticides (3)

This course covers modern methods of applying herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and nematocides. Special emphasis is placed on calibration of equipment, dilution techniques, and accurate application of minute quantities of pesticides over large areas.

TUF 272 Turf Irrigation and Drainage (5)

This course is a study of the principles and practices of irrigation design, installation, and maintenance as it applies to golf courses. Practical application is included.

TUF 274 Turf Records and Budgets (2)

This course includes all aspects of recordkeeping involving golf course maintenance and warranties. Purchasing materials and the preparation of a projected budget for an 18-hole course are emphasized.

TUF 275 Performance Turf Design & Cons (3)

This course is a study of the concepts needed to design, construct and renovate various golf and sports turf playing surfaces. Topics include: USGA green construction, proper survey and layout of athletic fields, drainage methods, construction timelines and budgeting.