SUR - Surgical Technology

SUR 101 Intro to Surgical Technology (5)

This course includes a study of the surgical environment, team concepts, aseptic technique, hospital organization, basic instrumentation and supplies, sterilization, principles of infection control, and wound healing.

SUR 102 Applied Surgical Technology (5)

This course covers the principles and application of aseptic technique, the perioperative role, and medical/legal aspects.

SUR 103 Surgical Procedures I (4)

This course is a study of a system to system approach to surgical procedures and relates regional anatomy, pathology, specialty equipment, and team responsibility. Patient safety, medical/legal aspects, and drugs used in surgery are emphasized.

SUR 104 Surgical Procedures II (4)

This course is a study of the various specialties of surgical procedures.

SUR 105 Surgical Procedures III (4)

This course is a study of advanced specialties of surgical procedures.

SUR 112 Surgical Practicum I (4)

This course includes the application of perioperative theory under clinical supervision.

SUR 113 Advanced Surgical Practicum (6)

This course includes a supervised progression of surgical team responsibilities and duties of the perioperative role in various clinical affiliations.

SUR 114 Surgical Specialty Practicum (7)

This course includes the correlation of the principles and theories of specialized surgical procedures with clinical performance in affiliated hospitals.

SUR 120 Surgical Seminar (2)

This course includes the comprehensive correlation of theory and practice in the perioperative role.

SUR 126 Principles of Surgical Pharmac (1)

This course is a study of therapeutic agents and mathematical concepts in relation to the perioperative setting.