NRM - Environmental Science

NRM 130 Outdoor Recreation Management (3)

This course examines the management of natural resources for outdoor recreational purposes.

NRM 151 Vertebrate Natural History (3)

This course includes the taxonomic classification, identification, geographic range, and biology of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals native to South Carolina and the Southeast.

NRM 201 Soil Fertility & Plant Prod (3)

This course is a study of agronomic principles of soil management and plant production, including use and application of chemical fertilizers.

NRM 230 Wildlife Management I (3)

This course is a basic study and application of management practices which are beneficial to wildlife. Methods for increasing food production, developing water sources, providing cover requirements, and improving wetlands are included.

NRM 231 Habitat Assessment & Apps (3)

This course examines assessment methods for the purposes of enhancing existing habitats. Coursework will include practical application of assessment concepts including fertilization, vegetation control, tillage, use of herbicides and others.

NRM 235 Techniques of Wildlife Mgmt (3)

This course includes a survey of applied techniques of wildlife management. The course covers "hands on" instruction in the outdoors.

NRM 250 Wetlands Ecology (3)

This course covers the identification, taxonomy, and life histories of freshwater fish. Management implications for various species of fish with commercial, sport or ecological value are included. Management of wetlands for wildlife is also an important topic in this course.