NMT - Nuclear Medicine Tech

NMT 101 Intro to Nuclear Medicine (2)

This course is a study of the overall basics of nuclear medicine technology.

NMT 102 Nuclear Medicine Procedures I (2)

This course is a study of didactic concepts for the practice of clinical nuclear medicine.

NMT 103 Nuclear Medicine Physics (2)

This course is a study of the basic math and statistical skills necessary to perform nuclear physics problems.

NMT 104 Nuclear Med Procedures II (2)

This course is a study of background knowledge for application of nuclear medicine procedures.

NMT 105 Quality Assurance Methodology (2)

This course covers the information necessary to plan and implement procedures that will satisfy quality assurance standards.

NMT 106 Nuclear Med Procedures III (2)

This course covers theory and principles of non-imaging procedures.

NMT 107 Nuclear Medicine Instrumentati (3)

This course covers theory and application of radiation detection instruments.

NMT 109 Special Topics in Nuclear Med (2)

This course covers a variety of special topics in nuclear medicine.

NMT 150 Applied Nuclear Medicine I (8)

This course covers the application of nuclear medicine.

NMT 151 Applied Nuclear Medicine II (8)

This course covers more advanced applications of nuclear medicine.

NMT 152 Applied Nuclear Medicine III (6)

This course covers challenging and difficult applications of nuclear medicine.