HIM - Health Information Mgmt

HIM 103 Intro to Health Info & Coding (3)

This course focuses on the principles of health information management and explores basic concepts in diagnostic and procedural coding and classification systems.

HIM 130 Billing and Reimbursement (3)

This course provides and introduction to medical insurance billing and reimbursement practices with emphasis on the primary payers such as Medicare and Medicaid.

HIM 135 Medical Pathology (3)

This course is a study of disease processes, general classification of disease, including signs and symptoms, systems affected by disease, diagnostic measures, types of treatment, including surgical and/or chemical intervention, and terminology.

HIM 140 Current Procedural Termi I (3)

This course provides a basic study of the CPT and HCPCS coding and classification systems particular to the physician's office setting. Students will learn how to assign codes to capture the professional component of services provided.

HIM 141 Current Procedural Termi II (3)

This course provides an intermediate study of the CPT and HCPCS coding and classification systems with respect to surgical outpatient facilities and hospitals.

HIM 153 Electronic Health Rec Clin Exp (3)

This course expands on the application of theoretical principles of the electronic health record. Focus is on the management of patient information in a digital environment.

HIM 216 Coding and Classification I (3)

This course includes a study of disease and procedural coding and classification systems.

HIM 225 Coding and Classification II (3)

This course provides a study of advanced coding and classification systems.

HIM 250 Coding and Classification III (3)

This course is study of ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS and the coding guidelines and procedures associated with this classification system.

HIM 264 Clinical Practice IV (4)

This course provides clinical practice in the application of health information system theory in selected health care facilities.