DHG - Dental Hygiene

DHG 121 Dental Radiography (3)

This course provides the application of the principles of radiology with emphasis on exposing, processing, mounting, evaluating, and interpreting dental radiographs. Radiation safety is stressed.

DHG 125 Tooth Morphology and Histology (2)

This course covers the embryogenesis and histology of the head and neck structures with primary emphasis on the oral cavity. The formation, eruption patterns, and morphology of primary and permanent dentitions are studied.

DHG 140 General and Oral Pathology (2)

This course provides a correlation of basic pathologic principles of disease processes in the oral cavity. The role of the dental hygienist in early disease detection is emphasized. Diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of disease affecting the head and neck are discussed.

DHG 141 Periodontology (2)

This course presents a study of the principles, etiologies, classifications and treatments of periodontal disease with emphasis on the role of the dental hygienist.

DHG 143 Dental Pharmacology (2)

This course provides a study of drugs used in dentistry. Emphasis is placed on the physical and chemical properties of the drugs, dosages and therapeutic effects, methods of administration, and indications/contraindications for the use of the drug. A study of dental anesthetics is included. .

DHG 151 Dental Hygiene Principles (5)

This course is a study of the principles of infection control and hazardous waste communication; instrumentation, instrument design; operator and patient positioning; operation of basic dental equipment; patient evaluation and medical history review.

DHG 165 Clinical Dental Hygiene I (5)

This is an introductory course to the clinical setting for application of dental hygiene skills for patient care.

DHG 175 Clinical Dental Hygiene II (5)

This course provides for the continued development of the skills necessary to perform dental hygiene care. Emphasis is placed on total patient care and treatment planning.

DHG 230 Public Health Dentistry (3)

This course provides a study of oral health and the prevention of oral disease in a community. Emphasis is on assessment of community groups and dental health needs, planning, implementation, and evaluation of community programs.

DHG 239 Dental Assisting for DHGs (2)

This course introduces the dental assisting role and responsibilities. Emphasis is on four-handed dentistry, the use and manipulations of dental materials, and office management.

DHG 241 Integrated Dental Hygiene I (1)

This course provides for the integration of the basic and dental hygiene sciences with current concepts of clinical dental hygiene practice.

DHG 242 Integrated Dental Hygiene II (1)

This course provides for the integration of the basic and dental sciences with current dental hygiene concepts. Emphasis is placed on ethical/legal aspects of dental hygiene practice and practice management techniques.

DHG 243 Nutrition and Dental Health (2)

This course provides a study of nutrients, their nature, source and utilization. Emphasis is placed on the relationship between diet and oral health. Oral manifestations of nutritional deficiencies are also studied.

DHG 255 Clinical Dental Hygiene III (5)

This course provides for the development of proficiency in the clinical dental hygiene setting with emphasis on the implementation of treatment plans to meet the individual patient's oral health needs.

DHG 265 Clinical Dental Hygiene IV (5)

This course permits refinement of clinical techniques and skills, technology and current procedural practices of the dental hygienist with emphasis on self-evaluation and quality assurance.