DAT - Dental Assisting

DAT 113 Dental Materials (4)

This course is a study of physical and chemical properties of matter and identification, characteristics, and manipulation of dental materials.

DAT 115 Ethics and Professionalism (1)

This course introduces a cursory history of dental assisting, professional associations, scope of service in dentistry, and ethical, legal and professional considerations. The state dental practice act is reviewed.

DAT 118 Dental Morphology (2)

This course emphasizes the development, eruption, and individual characteristics of each tooth and surrounding structures.

DAT 121 Dental Health Education (2)

This course defines the responsibilities of the dental assistant in individual and community dental health education with emphasis on the etiology of dental disease, methods for prevention, and principles of nutrition in relationship to oral health and preventive dentistry.

DAT 122 Dental Office Management (2)

This course provides a study of the business aspect of a dental office.

DAT 123 Oral Medicine/Oral Biology (3)

This course presents a basic study of oral pathology, pharmacology, nutrition, and common emergencies as related to the role of the Dental Assistant.

DAT 127 Dental Radiography (4)

This course provides the fundamental background and theory for the safe and effective use of x-radiation in dentistry. It encompasses the history of x-rays, production and uses of radiation, radiographic film, exposure factors, interpretation of radiographs and radiation hygiene.

DAT 154 Clinical Procedures I (4)

This course includes preparation to assist a dentist efficiently in four-handed dentistry. Emphasis is on the names and functions of all dental instruments, the principles involved in their use, and the assistants' role in dental instrumentation.

DAT 174 Office Rotations (4)

This is an introductory course to a general office with emphasis placed on chair side assisting and office management.

DAT 177 Dental Office Experience (7)

This course consists of practice in the dental office or clinic with rotation of assignments to encompass experiences in office management and clinical experience in all areas of dentistry.

DAT 183 Specialty Functions (3)

This course is an introduction to dental specialties, the refinement, the roles served by assistants in the dental specialties, and the expanded legal functions for qualified assistants.