CET - Civil Engineering

CET 115 Mechanical & Elect Sys (2)

This course is a study of mechanical and electrical design criteria for residential and light commercial structures.

CET 127 Building Const & Print Reading (4)

This course is a study of construction methods and print reading.

CET 140 Construction Financial Managem (3)

This course is the study of the fundamental financial management principles and accounting systems used to manage a construction company.

CET 210 Strength of Materials (3)

This course covers the effects of applying various types of loads to structural members and makes comparisons of allowable stresses and strains.

CET 216 Soil Mechanics (3)

This course covers soil types, their engineering properties, and techniques of field and laboratory identification and testing.

CET 218 Hydraulics (3)

This course includes the fundamentals of flow, control, disposal of water, and flow through open and closed conduits, orifices, and weirs.

CET 230 Construction Management (3)

This course covers the study of management of construction firms, including one or more of the following areas: bidding process, contracts, job costs, labor costs, and labor relations.

CET 242 Concrete Design (3)

This course covers the design of concrete structural members according to the ACI codes, quality control of concrete, and structural inspection.

CET 245 Cost Estimating (3)

This course includes a study of project cost and scheduling through the use of proven construction estimating techniques.

CET 246 Environmental Systems Tech (3)

This course covers a study of the sources, treatment, collection and distribution of water and waste water.

CET 251 Highway Design (3)

This course covers a study of the design and construction of a highway.

CET 260 Constru Manag Senior Project (3)

This capstone course promotes the integration of the knowledge and skills of the construction management technology field.