AOT - Administrative Office

AOT 105 Keyboarding (3)

This course focuses on the mastery of touch keyboarding.

AOT 110 Document Formatting (3)

This course emphasizes speed, accuracy, and developing document formatting skills using keyboarding competencies.

AOT 134 Office Communications (3)

This course is a study of grammar, punctuation, and written communication skills for the office environment.

AOT 165 Information Processing Softwar (3)

This course includes applications of information processing software. Emphasis is placed on functions for acceptable document formatting and processing.

AOT 180 Customer Service (3)

This course is a study of issues in the workplace relating to effective customer service. The course includes topics such as oral, written, verbal and nonverbal communication skills, effective telephone techniques and cultural diversity in the workplace.

AOT 210 Document Production (3)

This course emphasizes the production of documents found in typical business offices. The major focus is on productivity and excellence in document production.

AOT 220 Medical Office Administrative (4)

This course provides a study of insurance processing, medical insurance coding, electronic health records, computer applications and the use of other business machines for the medical receptionist and other front-office medical personnel.

AOT 234 Admin Office Communications (3)

This course emphasizes communication skills necessary in the business environment. It includes composing business correspondence, developing and giving oral presentations, practicing recording and translating information using the latest technology, and developing effective communication skills.

AOT 239 Computerized Office Accounting (3)

This course covers specialized accounting functions performed on a computer.

AOT 270 SCWE in Admin Office Technolog (3)

This course integrates office skills within an approved work site related to administrative office technology.